Serial psychoceramics

How not to earn credibility for your crackpot physics theories: spam them to physics graduate students, in paragraph-sized pieces sent every few hours, with subject lines like “Stephen Hawking died Today”. And ask for monetary donations. For your amusement, here is the latest installment in the continuing series:

Subject: Stephen Hawking died Today (4-24-06)
The number two search Yahoo (4-24-06) result for “wave-particle duality” states that:
“Light is a deformation of electric (E) and magnetic (B) fields in an area of space.”
Maxwell states that light is not a substance but a process going on in an ether which forms an electromagnetic wave structure of light (Maxwell, vol 2, p. 765). Maxwell’s ether does not exist in a vacuum yet light propagates in a vacuum which is proof that Maxwell’s structure of light does not physically exist.
Maxwell’s structure of light is represented with a continuous electromagnetic field structure where the planes perpendicular to the axis of propagation form a continuous electromagnetic field structure. A finite segment of the electromagnetic plane, of Maxwell’s structure of light, forms an infinite number of positions. Each position, on the electromagnetic plane, forms an electric field; consequently, an infinite number of electric fields forms an infinite total energy. Maxwell’s structure of light is not physically possible.
Maxwell, James. “The Scientific Papers of James Clerk Maxwell”. Dover Pub. vol. 2. Edited by W.D. Niven. 1965.

I think at a minimum one should try to pass calculus before trying to overthrow Maxwell. I’d be eagerly awaiting the next episode (due sometime this evening) but I already instructed Thunderbird as to the appropriate destination of these messages.

3 thoughts on “Serial psychoceramics

  1. Mason

    The serial part is definitely bad. It’s much better when they just post things on the arxiv, so I can laugh at their abstract without actually looking at the accompanying paper.

  2. JSpur

    “What the fuck? I mean, what the fucking fuck?”
    – P. J O’Roarke, Rolling Stone Magazine, as best I can remember, late 80s article about the S&L crisis.
    Maybe you had to be there.

  3. Lemming

    Actually, after reading it over, I found myself wishing *I* could write like that. There’s a distinct art to writing good bullshit–this guy’s a natural.

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