I don’t even have a sock drawer!

There were a ton of LaRouche disciples on campus yesterday, with their card tables set up in Sproul Plaza and huge stacks of LaRouche literature to hand out. At one point I think there was some kind of LaRouchie a capella performance. What’s up with this? Is it a big recruitment drive? (There are always a few hanging around but this was far more than usual.) It’s not well timed on their part since this week is also ASUC elections, and the campus is already crammed with placard-bearing students who want to annoy you about politics. The LaRouchies are nearly lost in the crowd. Fortunately, there are a number of secluded pathways through campus for those of us who merely want to walk to lunch unmolested.
I’ve always wondered where LaRouche manages to find all these intense, aggressive young people that are always shouting from their card tables. They’re very passionate about a guy who is obviously batshit insane. (Dave Barry once remarked: “Where you have a brain, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., has a Whack-a-Mole game.”) I’m guessing they snap up gullible college freshmen and indoctrinate them early, hence this big campus appearance. They’ve also been capitalizing on anti-Bush sentiment, although they seem especially obsessed with Dick Cheney (maybe he figures in the grand LaRouche conspiracy theory).
Ideally the LaRouchies and the ASUC campaign people will end up shouting at each other, and the rest of us can slip by unnoticed.

7 thoughts on “I don’t even have a sock drawer!

  1. Justin

    Lesleigh had her first encounter with LaRouchies at the supermarket a month or so back. She’d never heard of them before, but we had fun reading up on the wikipedia articles. Apparently the LaRouche movement shifted gears to recruit heavily among young people in the last ten years or so, with some success.
    It’s a bit odd that they’d be heavily recruiting on a major college campus – I got the distinct impression that they were anti-higher education. If they were after frosh (which would make sense, as you suggest), shouldn’t they do this in early fall? This is a bit later than pre-frosh should be visiting, if Berkeley even does that.
    Cheney – that’s not terribly odd, a lot of people refer to this as the Cheney administration. The most recent burst of that kind of analysis coming after Bush’s weird “I am the decider” defense of Feldmarschall von Rumsfeld a week or two back.

  2. Chris L-S

    I guess these guys are after my time on campus – there were plenty of whack-jobs and political activists hanging around Bruin Walk at UCLA, but I never saw anyone for LaRouche. Sounds like some of the religious nuts, though…

  3. JSpur

    Gazebo, I have ripped off and modified that Dave Barry line in hardback. Please try harder not to out your poor dad as a plagiarist.
    Remember, good writers borrow, great writers steal. TS Eliot said that. Or was it Faulkner?
    That was one of the funniest Dave Barrys of all time, btw.

  4. Arcane Gazebo

    JSpur: Yeah, actually the only reason I knew about that column was that you had mentioned it to me a few years ago. So you should be more careful about discussing your sources. :)
    I read some of the other columns on that page (which seems to be a pirate edition of the greatest hits compilation) and the LaRouche one was by far the funniest.

  5. Wren

    I just wish LaRouchians would learn to a) bathe more often, and b) shave more often. Then perhaps I would stop and find out what they’re pushing. (Then blocked North Gate, the main egress to my sideof campus yesterday. I much prefer the Korean Baptists, who hand out New Testaments at the beginning of the school year)

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