Thoughts on the way to lab

Spotted no fewer than six U-Haul trucks on a half-mile stretch of Oxford St. Must be moving day.
I was having problems with my iPod for a while but got it working again. It was eerie to walk into a Jamba Juice, take off my headphones, and discover that the song I was just listening to was also playing on the store’s speakers. (It was Mylo’s “Drop The Pressure”.)

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the way to lab

  1. Mason

    I’ve had similar experiences to that. Back in the day, I remember going from a CD to the radio and having that happen.
    This reminds me of an amusing anecdote. It comes from the car trip from either my first or second trip to Vegas. (I don’t remember which, so whether or not Lemming remembers this incident will remind me if it’s trip 1 or trip 2, as he was part of 1 but not of 2.) I think this occurred on the way back, but I’m not 100% sure.
    Because it was a long car trip, I was drugged with dramamine, as usual. This was before the age of mp3 players (mp3’s themselves did exist by this point), so I had a couple tapes with me that included songs that I had recorded from various CDs and records. (At my parents’ place, we have a Hi-Fi set-up to record directly from records to casettes—not that there’s been any reason to use it for several years, but back then it was convenient for me to copy an obscure Expose’ single to casette and do similar things. We have Taco’s album on record, as well as similar cool stuff.) I was listening to my tapes with a portable casette player. I had my earphones on and everything.
    After a few hours (so I was in my second time through a tape or something like that), we were finally getting reasonably close to our destination and I was just beginning to become alert. I took off my earphones and noticed that the car’s radio seemed to be playing the same song as I was. How awesome! I made a remark along these lines to everybody and then I noticed that the next song after that was exactly the one I had on my tape. Then I observed that the sound was actually coming out of my casette player, as I had forgotten to change the switch from speakers to earphones, so that the earphones I was wearing weren’t actually helping me listen to music.
    Upon my sudden, belated realization, Vito remarked that he was wondering why I had been wearing earphones for the last several hours.
    I’m such a winner (or a “champ,” to use old Lloyd terminolgy).
    (I’m sure many people have done this for a few minutes, but this was a few hours. That’s why this makes me a winner.)

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