Santorum on scientists

Relatively few scientists are Republicans, but there are days when I wonder why there are any at all. Here’s a quote from the reliably asinine Rick Santorum:

“[M]ost scientists unfortunately, those that certainly are advocating for this [embryonic stem cell research], and many others feel very little moral compulsion. It’s a utilitarian, materialistic view of doing whatever they can do to pursue their desired goals.”

I’m used to hearing that atheists are amoral, but hearing this said about scientists is new to me. Well, maybe Santorum doesn’t think there’s much of a difference. However, it’s a pretty sure bet that scientists have a higher approval rating than he does at the moment.
(Via Rob Knop via Mixed States.)

8 thoughts on “Santorum on scientists

  1. shellock

    My pennsilvania Relative are hopign to vote that moron out of office this year. But the conservative democrate running agaist him is not much better.

  2. Justin

    This is a busy day for Senate wingnuttery – Inhofe says anyone who believes the evidence for global warming is a Nazi.

  3. Mason

    Hmmm… this pisses me off more than the atheists are amoral bit, although that’s really a result of being much more inured to that point of view than to this one.
    I would guess you’re correct that Santorum thinks that most scientists are atheists.

  4. Arcane Gazebo

    Lemming: I was drawing a blank on a title for this post, and ended up writing down several very straightforward titles before happening on that one.
    Shellock: Bob Casey, right? He’s not very good but definitely a step up.

  5. Josh

    Damn you scientists, you godless, unethical swine.
    That’s why I decided to become an actor and not a chemist. So that I could live a high-standard, moral life, and be surrounded by those who would lead by good example.
    Also for the chicks.
    Wait, is a politician judging the moral character of other professions? I just got clubbed with the Shillelagh of Irony.

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