Types of laboratory scientists

Via Syaffolee, an over-the-top but amusing list of personality types one encounters in a science lab. In fact, I believe I’ve met most of these people. I’ve put a lot of effort into not becoming #5 (the obsessive perfectionist with no life), but this probably just makes me closest to #1 (the antisocial weirdo)—although my personal hygiene isn’t that bad and I’ve been more social lately. Of course it’s not an exhaustive list, so maybe I need to add to it:

7. The Blogger
He seems quiet, but he’s actually telling the world about the latest lab mishaps on the Internet. These scientists prefer highly automated experiments so as to spend more time surfing the web. They’re good with computers and publicizing results to a broad audience. They are communicative provided the medium is e-mail or IM, and happy to come to parties if there’s a proper Evite or MySpace announcement. If the network goes down they are likely to display withdrawal symptoms.

7 thoughts on “Types of laboratory scientists

  1. Mason

    I’m amused.
    We need the theorists version of this classification.
    I can see a few of my traits (both good and bad) in a couple of the stereotypes.

  2. Justin

    Would you care to add Doug to your count, Mason??
    Apparently astronomers would be under the theorist version, most of the listed categories don’t apply to anyone in my experience (exception: Dr. Charm). I know not of these “labs” and “reagents” of which they speak. Though “Reclusive Data Monkey” doesn’t sound much like a theorist category…

  3. Mason

    Justin: No… I’m afraid of Doug.
    I was taking the personality types and ignoring about how those qualities reflect their lab work and thinking of the theoretical analogs.

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