Pirates Protest Procrastinated Post [Open Thread]

Pirates demanded a new open thread, so I will comply to avoid walking the plank. I have a bunch of CDs to review, but haven’t figured out what to say about them. Here’s the first one in the queue:
Ratatat: Classics: Ratatat is a band based on the notion that it would be awesome to make songs blending hip-hop beats, techno synth, and arena-rock guitar. Classics is a broader and more layered take on this concept than their self-titled debut album, and finds mixed success. Some of the more intricate songs, like “Lex”, hold together well, but others seem to meander while passing by potentially great moments. One of the great things about their previous record was the way songs would focus on a single brilliant riff and spend three minutes examining it, turning it upside down and inside out. There’s less of that here as they reach for a more complex sound. “Wildcat” and “Tropicana” can both be played at MySpace; both are decent with the latter being slightly better. The best song title on the CD is “Tacobel Canon”, and the track itself is appropriately Baroque-sounding. Rating: 3/5

One thought on “Pirates Protest Procrastinated Post [Open Thread]

  1. Mason

    Tacobel Canon reminds me of a line in a skit I have on one of my Dr. Demento CDs: “I don’t even go to Taco Bell anymore because it sounds too close!” It’s probably just a coincidence, but the title of the song is making me wonder if it’s an intentional reference.

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