Think of the children!

It’s one of those times when the boundary between real life and political satire collapses. NRCC chairman Tom Reynolds holds a press conference and, to avoid explicit questions about the Mark Foley scandal, brings along a group of small children.

Reporter: Congressman, do you mind asking the children to leave the room so we can have a frank discussion of this, because it’s an adult topic. It just doesn’t seem appropriate to me.
Reynolds: I’ll take your questions, but I’m not going to ask any of my supporters to leave.

I find this equal parts pathetic and hilarious. I particularly love the way he refers to them as his “supporters”. Will the Daily Show cover it, or would that be redundant?

6 thoughts on “Think of the children!

  1. Lemming

    Wow, it’s just like that one scene in The Puppet Masters. They use children to rush the soldiers because they know the soldiers will be reluctant to open fire.
    Okay, maybe it’s only sorta like it.

  2. Chris L-S

    Holy crap, that’s one of those things that I WISH I still had cable, because that is SO going to be on the Daily Show. That is incredibly wrong.

  3. Mason

    Wow, what a lame ploy. I agree with the pathetic + hilarious call.
    If I were the reporter, I would then go ahead and follow with the question.

  4. Susan

    I, too, am appalled at this. What a transparent ploy — it reveals what a coward the senator is, and doesn’t reflect well on anyone involved in setting this up. Also, as a mother of three, I can’t imagine allowing my children to be used like this at any time, but especially for the purpose of protecting a grown man from having to face what he had coming to him. What are these parents thinking of?????

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