Strategies in wedding schedules

If this post has gone up as scheduled, I am currently en route to Kansas City for a wedding. (UPDATE: The scheduled post didn’t go up for some reason, and I’m back now.) It turns out that Saturday is quite a popular day for weddings due to the numerological alignment of 7/7/07. I’m just disappointed that I missed the chance to get married on 6/6/06. Maybe next century.
At first I wondered why a couple might pick that day, knowing that it’s a popular day for weddings. After all, this means that some number of people will be unable to attend due to a conflict with some other wedding. Even I got invited to two different weddings on Saturday, and I’m not exactly a social butterfly. But then I realized that this might be a feature rather than a bug. For one thing, the people who decline the invitations to go to another wedding are likely to be not as close to the couple than those who attend, so that the people actually in attendance are going to be a closer group of friends and relatives. This also allows the guest list to be larger than it would be on another day without increasing the expense of the wedding.
But, there’s a counter-counter-argument: the people most likely to have conflicts are the ones who know people likely to get married. I may not be a social butterfly, but I am at an age when a lot of people get married, so it’s not so surprising that a lot of my friends are getting married lately. What this means for young couples is that their friends on the guest list are going to be the ones with conflicts, whereas the old geezers you’ve never met that the future in-laws insisted on inviting are certainly going to be there. Luckily this effect should occur in parallel with the one above, so that the attendees will quickly separate into a group of close friends and a group of random people who will be hanging out with your parents.
Anyway, I’m fairly pleased to be taking this trip; from my perspective, it’s a big party where I hang out with some friends I haven’t seen for a while. (I do occasionally show an extroverted side, even if it’s stymied by shyness.) This, in fact, is the brilliant concept underlying weddings: you get your friends to come from all over the country and spend an evening drinking and dancing. What’s not to like? Well, you might have to spend some time in church first, and I hear the whole experience of getting married is mind-altering enough to make the party afterwards into a blur. Lame! If only you could have the party without all the marriage stuff to get in the way! If only there were some other life-changing event that would make a good excuse for a wedding-scale party!
Like, for example, getting a PhD. Somehow I doubt my more distantly-located friends will attend my undoubtedly massive and glorious graduation party, but they should. Because they’ll have to wait 99 more years to attend my wedding: I’m waiting for 6/6/06 to come around again.

6 thoughts on “Strategies in wedding schedules

  1. Mason

    I’d be up for coming to your graduation and having a party.
    There were a couple of baseball players born on 6/6/66. Dude! You can just wait for the next one of those.
    As for the 7/7/07 wedding thing, you’re basically guaranteeing bad luck by getting married in the first place — not to be cynical about it or anything.
    I missed the friends inviting me to weddings bit. Most of my close friends are actually still single (we’re a bunch of real winners, I suppose) and some of them who are married decided to have really tiny weddings, so I didn’t get to see them get married. (This is only marginally related, but one thing that has annoyed me a couple of times is when fellow Lloydies from my class discussed in front of me how weddings were a way for our class to have a reunion. While I didn’t care about going to the weddings in question because it was a casual friends getting married rather than close ones, the attitude of only a certain crowd being a member of the group just rubs me the wrong way.)

  2. Josh

    “Marriage is like an unfunny episode of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’. Only it doesn’t last 22 minutes. It lasts forever.”

  3. Arcane Gazebo

    Mason: It would be awesome if you could make my graduation party, especially since you’ll be one of my most distantly-located friends by that point. The major party may be in December after I file my thesis, rather than in May when the ceremony is (since I might be living somewhere else by then).
    The problem with 6/6/66 is too many sixes. I don’t think there’s anything especially ominous about the number 6666.
    I used to be much more cynical about marriage, but have actually softened that view in the last five years or so. Probably because I’ve seen it work out for some of my friends; this suggests that I may swing back towards cynicism in the future.
    A sizable fraction of my close friends are still single; I’m not actually going to a huge number of weddings, maybe two per year on average. However, almost every grad student in my group has gotten married while in grad school.

  4. Lemming

    So, come December, we’re all going to party like it’s 3006? Right? Right?
    Also, you can tell I play too many violent videogames, and as such am a menace to society, by the fact that when I read “3006” my mind first went to “.30-06″.
    A few other good dates for big parties:
    Feb 7, 2018
    Mar 14, 2016
    Oh, and if someone can think of a good day in (AD) 2021.

  5. Mason

    There’s also towel day of any year.
    \begin{cynical comment}
    I don’t even count marriages that last less than some reasonably large number N years as “working out”. I say wait until the two people in question are no longer attracted to each other and then see what happens.
    \end{cynical comment}
    I should also mention that I feel like crap at the moment, which makes it more likely for Cynical Me to take over at any given moment. (Or, more accurately, makes it less likely for Cynical Me to fade into the background at any given moment.)
    The special thing about 6666 is that it contains two sequences of ‘666’ rather than one.
    I will be going to a conference in San Diego in early January, so depending on how late in December you want to hold the shindig (ooohhh, I am using both “Gazebo” and “shindig”…), I may well be able to make it.

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