Election Reaction, Part I

When I was a kid I always heard that “in America, anyone can be President”. But after seeing Americans pick a total incompetent just because his dad was president, I figured that was just a myth. Something we tell children to try to convey values like equality and social mobility. A black guy with a foreign-sounding name doesn’t have the slightest chance at becoming President, right?
Turns out some myths are true after all. We really do live in an amazing country.
[My election reactions are a little late in posting… I’ve been busy.]

2 thoughts on “Election Reaction, Part I

  1. Mason Porter

    The annoying result in California notwithstanding, when I woke up on Wednesday, to me the world felt like a better place than it did on Tuesday. We’ll see how things go, but this is the most optimistic I’ve felt about the US political situation in many years.
    In terms of myths being true, it’s also true that long, hard battles needed to be fought (and continue to need to be fought) for them to hold true.

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