Direct democracy in action

Berkeley continues to uphold its status as a world center for Purely Symbolic Government Action:

Berkeley, Calif., residents to vote on legalizing prostitution
Residents of this left-leaning city will have a chance to vote in November on whether they think prostitution should be a crime.
An advocacy group announced Wednesday it had gathered nearly 3,200 signatures, about 1,000 more than needed to get the initiative on the ballot.
The measure would have little more than symbolic value, since it wouldn’t undo laws against prostitution. But Robyn Few, head of the Sex Workers Outreach Project, said a win at the polls would send an important message.

I hesitate to make any endorsements related to this measure, as my position could leave me open to smart-ass remarks in the comments. However, since I’m not likely to move to Berkeley before November, I won’t have the opportunity to vote on it anyway.