Evil, Plans, etc.

Last week’s quote (You seem more evil today. Are you evil?) was from this Penny Arcade strip about the difficulty of disguising one’s devotion to the Dark Side of the Force.
This week’s quote is difficulty: Moderate; 2 points.

10 thoughts on “Evil, Plans, etc.

  1. Zifnab

    No clue on this one. I think my lack of contemporary TV series watching has done me in.

  2. Lemming

    Don’t feel bad, Zif. My earliest memories are of watching TV, and I still draw I blank on every one of these quotes, even the ones I know.

  3. Zifnab

    Yeah, i’m batting 0 so far on the quotes, and i’m still kicking myself over missing the PA quote. I don’t feel so bad when it’s a tv series reference, I guess. Hey, i’ve got a great idea! Can we request quotes? Or maybe just post some… thread hijack, here’s another quote:
    “When I find him, I’m going to rip his leg off, and kick his ass with it.”

  4. Lemming

    Nice quote Zif, but too easy. And he refers to “him” by his name, “Rico”, in the actual quote, IIRC. How about just running some quote-tag?
    I match your quote as “Shogo: Mobile Armor Division”, and I’ll raise you:
    “God is not on our side because he hates idiots also”
    You know, thinking up quotes is hard, then I had to go so low as to look it up online just to be sure I got the wording right… sigh…

  5. Zifnab

    I knew I had seen that one referenced earlier. In any case, it’s from Blondie in GBU. :)
    Here’s an easy one:
    “Give me back my book!”

  6. Lemming

    Half of me wants to say Army of Darkness, but I don’t think the wording is the same as Evil Ash. The other half wants to say Read or Die / Read or Dream, where I’m *sure* that line shows up plenty of times.
    Either of those what you were thinking of?

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