I’m not dead… I’m getting better! [Open Thread]

I was really tired yesterday for non-obvious reasons, so I didn’t get the new quote up. Today I am completely rejuvenated! Well, I could use some coffee actually. And maybe a nap. Not in that order.
If you didn’t recognize last week’s quote (That’s the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!), then I cast you out of this blog! Go forth and wander the Internet like the wretch you are! Or, just go watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
New quote is almost as easy. 1 point.

8 thoughts on “I’m not dead… I’m getting better! [Open Thread]

  1. Zifnab

    “Badgers? Badgers? We don’t need no stinking badgers!”
    Are you going to elaborate on the non-obvious reasons why you were so tired yesterday and failed to blog the newest quote? Cause putting it that way just begs the question of what was it, since it’s non obvious to us.

  2. Arcane Gazebo

    Heh, I guess I made that sound more interesting than it was. All I meant was that I found myself wondering “why am I so tired?” since it hadn’t been a particularly busy weekend. But I do have a theory, based on the fact that my fatigue seemed to be entirely mental–I had trouble concentrating and reacting quickly, but physical exertion wasn’t an issue.
    I played D&D on Sunday and it was a different sort of session than usual: the party was captured and enslaved by monsters, so there was no combat and we were looking for more subtle ways to escape. But on top of that my character’s body had been possessed by one of the monsters to spy on the rest of the party. So it was a much more intricate role-playing situation than I was used to, and required me to draw upon social skills in which I am very weak in reality, to say nothing of when I am in the role of someone else. Therefore (back to the mysterious fatigue) I am guessing that this D&D session was something analogous to a strenuous mental workout that left me exhausted the next day.

  3. Lemming

    Heh, that reminds me of the KoDT where Sara has to secretly be evil… Oh, and I assume that things got revealed by the end of the session, otherwise you’d be risking a nasty spoiler here? ^^
    I’m pretty pooped myself, but that’s for no good reason other than the fact that I haven’t bee sleeping well, which itself has no good reason. Eh. At least I didn’t have a ride to the gym tonight, so I can rest up a bit this evening.
    I did not, in fact, recognize the old quote… Does that mean I have to stop reading the blog, btw? Or can I just play my, “Tim is stoopid” trump card again?
    Oh, and I’m feeling pretty good and simultaneously stupid today. I was working on optimizing our code all yesterday, and couldn’t seem to make a lick of difference. I was editing one copy of the source, and every time I’d make a change, I’d run both that version, and a version in another directory as a control. Turns out I had at some point changed directories, so my “test” and “control” were always the same, so I got no change on the runtime… Today I look at things again, and whuddya know–the code runs three times as fast. Feels great to know that yesterday wasn’t a wash, though I’m a bit silly, especially since I didn’t notice the change in timings between runs–durrrr. On top of that, went to the first day of ACM 101, and I think I just might be able to handle it. Yay!
    Anyway, I’m making noise here cause, well, what else am I gonna do? ^^

  4. Arcane Gazebo

    Yeah, they started to figure it out when the monster failed a Bluff check (rolled a 1) and later were informed by another prisoner that this was a standard practice. At that point they discussed attempting to cure me via repeated shovel blows to the head (more delicate tools not being available). The DM then decided it would be funny if the monster left my body on its own and I then had to convince the party that I was myself again (he was right).
    I won’t actually cast you out for not recognizing the Holy Grail quote. I just like to make grandiose gestures. You may appease me by bringing… a shrubbery!

  5. Zifnab

    So, I finished Clash of Kings… wow… (actually it was a few days ago, but i’ve been busy). I still am not quite sure who you were referring to in the earlier comments on the series. I’m guessing Theon, but as he appears to not be reappearing, it seems odd… Anyways…
    Current favorite characters: Tyrion, Jon, Arya, Jaqan (sp?), Hound.
    Current least favorite characters: Jaime, Varys.
    Hated, i want to see die characters: Joffrey (except Tyrion has been a good influence so he’s almost out of this range), uh…. dang it! What happened to hating Cersei and the rest ; ; It’s sorta odd, there aren’t actually many characters I hate any more. I suppose Gregor Clemane counts… I guess that’s one reason why Arya’s sections in book 2 felt a bit lacking… the people on her list were usually just there for one or two things, and none really repeated or visible for a long period of time. I suppose that was sort of the point, though.
    Anyways… lunchtime!

  6. Arcane Gazebo

    Yeah, I wasn’t talking about Theon (whom I *really* dislike)… if you’re reading Storm of Swords it will probably become clear who I meant. :)
    My favorites list at that point in the series looked very much like yours, actually; I’m glad I’m not the only fan of Sandor. Conversely, Gregor was I think consistently the one at the top of my death list. Also hated: several of the rogues and villains who are non-Hound members of Joffrey’s Kingsguard.
    Varys is interesting… I’m still not entirely sure what his agenda is. Arya seemed to overhear him plotting a Targaryen Restoration with Illyrio, but is that all of it? Littlefinger’s just as creepy, but at least *his* agenda seems pretty clear.

  7. Zifnab

    Ok, glad it wasn’t Theon. I thought perhaps he reappeared in the third book and shaped up, but… Anyways, i’ve completely forgotten what the observation was on and can’t figure out how to find the old post where it’d be obvious. Guessing on similar lines, i’m thinking Davos, but..
    Oh yeah, I agree that a lot of the kingsguard sorta suck… but no real big choices. After reading a few chapters into the third book, I REALLY dislike how Tywin treats Tyrion, and thus dislike Tywin. Anyways…

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