Stress-free Links Post

I have been decompressing this week after a lot of stress suddenly dissipated. It may seem odd for me to be decompressing the week before I give my talk, but that’s how it worked out this time. During this period I have neglected Friday Catblogging, but maybe I’ll post a late edition this weekend. In the meantime, here are some links I meant to post earlier.
Blogs I’m adding to the sidebar:

  • Pharyngula: Biology and evolution blogging from PZ Myers. He seems so calm and mild-mannered when writing about science, but when he gets going on religion he turns into The Hulk. It’s great.
  • Rude Pundit: This guy, on the other hand, never seems calm or mild-mannered. If your workplace blocks profanity, his site will be unreadable.
  • Michael Bérubé: He actually used to be on my blogroll, and then his site went down. It’s been back up for sometime, so I’m adding him back. Another entry in the “sharp-witted political blogging from an academic” category.
  • John and Belle Have A Blog: I enjoy their contributions to Crooked Timber (which is down, so no link), so I’ve started reading their other blog.

Funny shit:

  • Dinosaur Comics: It took me a while, but I now realize its brilliance. Don’t be put off by the fact that the art is the same every day (giving it a similar feel to My New Fighting Technique Is Unstoppable); after a while you get into the rhythm of it, which makes it funnier.
  • RTFM T-shirt: You all read Boing Boing, so you saw this already. Some of you know of my fondness for remixed Communist propaganda…
  • Lovecraftian Chick Tract: I gather this has been around a while but this is my first encounter with it. Warning: Geocities page, arm your pop-up blockers. (via Slacktivist)