Skyline [Open Thread]

Got back from LA late last night, and have been busy all day. Life may get a little less frantic this month, once I catch up… although we have a ton of visitors to the lab in the next few weeks, so maybe not. The Pasadena trip was a lot of fun, and the gaming was indeed a worthy celebration for completing my March tasks. I didn’t take as many photos as I might have liked, but I’ve collected a few in a Flickr photoset anyway. (Most of them have already been posted.)
Last week someone somewhere linked directly to an mp3 from a post last year, leading to a lot of downloads. This caused me to change my mp3 policy: only the latest song I’ve posted will be available for download. This is not because of any philosophical opposition to people linking them, but simply because inverse is pretty old and decrepit, and won’t function very well as a fileserver for other, higher traffic sites. At some point I should probably upgrade inverse before something dies, but this is not yet a priority.
Thievery Corporation: The Cosmic Game: Spacey, hypnotic electronica. One of several CDs I bought for the drive down to LA, I played this as I merged into the downtown traffic at night, the Los Angeles skyline coming into view through the rain. The skyline itself looks a lot more sinister now that I’ve watched all of Angel; it was always shown just before a cut to the offices of Wolfram & Hart. Anyway: “Holographic Universe”

4 thoughts on “Skyline [Open Thread]

  1. Mike^2

    I have discovered the blog. Yarr!
    Not much else really. Oh, I like the song. Good background music.

  2. Lemming

    Dunno if this album got mentioned before here, but here’s one I just found on iTunes. Before the Dawn Heals Us, by M83. I only just downloaded it, so I haven’t listened to it in full yet, but I’m diggging it so far. Don’t Save Us from the Flames seems to be the single of choice, fwiw.
    On another note, I got a new toy. I decided to try to bribe myself into a better mood, so I ordered a PSP. Damn, that screen is pretty. And it fits nicely in your hands. Lumines is a much simpler game than I was expecting, but there’s not a damn thing wrong with that–I dig it in a big way. I also picked up the Wipeout game (hey, it’s me), and I think it’s pretty good, but once I swapped Lumines in, well… I haven’t taken it back out.
    Oh, and on this fine holiday that is today, if you haven’t found Google’s contribution yet, GET YOUR ASS OVER THERE NOW. Google Gulp for the win!

  3. Arcane Gazebo

    Yes! I’ve heard the M83 album (although I haven’t mentioned it in this space); definitely some good stuff there.
    PSP… [drool]
    I think I’m about to post an April Fool’s thread… unfortunately I haven’t had much time for websurfing today so I haven’t found many good examples myself. The Google one is great, though.

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