Weekend Silliness (because I was busy Friday)

I ran the front page of the blog through Rob’s Amazing Poem Generator. All my memes come from Sean, apparently…

It did pick up a timestamp which I have replaced with an empty line.

Arcane Gazebo at an
empty table and other hand,
my memory of
dumbassery as
a hotel
room, often a GR
course? of
sleep paralysis.

Bush, supports
it seems more I have remarked
that explains the false impression that could potentially
replace it: Photo back in the
Dance is from the dream which
upon dreaming of Buffy,
but now naturally
I order Earl Grey, Hot The phone.
What this can
only three weeks late.
with this: week. The instructions on a
profound description In Italy.

More poems should use words like “dumbassery”.

8 thoughts on “Weekend Silliness (because I was busy Friday)

  1. Arcane Gazebo

    Seems like this issue should be settled via Googlefight.
    “dumbassery” defeats “dumbassedness” 4,730 to 1,060.
    However, “asshattery” roundly trounces both with 11,200 results. So I must concede to Lemming as well.

  2. Lemming

    Here’s the real humor: I wasn’t too sure how to spell it, so I went with the version that had the most hits on Google.

  3. Mason

    Personally, I greatly prefer dumbassery to the other options mentioned.
    I had never heard of google fight before. Porno Master beat Mason Porter by a score of 1,470,000 to 843,000.
    — PM

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