Supreme Court, Oct. 31 edition

I was in Los Angeles the last three days and thus missed the opportunity to blog on Fitzmas. Instead I can blog on Halloween, with Bush’s appropriately scary choice of Samuel Alito as the new Supreme Court nominee. Apparently he has decided to appease the base rather than nominate another crony. Oh well, the Miers thing was funny while it lasted.
I’m still reading up on Alito but as usual Lawyers, Guns, and Money is a good source.

3 thoughts on “Supreme Court, Oct. 31 edition

  1. Mason

    You should listen to a certain Warren Zevon track as background music. Actually, not only the “title track” to that website (which perhaps may be named after the Zevon song, although the expression is obviously far older) but also “Excitable Boy” for the line about rubbing pot roast against his chest if for nothing else.

  2. Arcane Gazebo

    That blog is definitely named after the Zevon song; the proprieters are big fans. I need to investigate more of his catalog given how much I like “Werewolves of London”.

  3. Mason

    His lyrics can be damn funny! There’s a song called “The Hockey Song (Hit Somebody!)”. And Excitable Boy is a classic, as I indicated above… It’s got all sorts of family-oriented themes in it! :)

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