Wakefulness [Open Thread]

Finally got a full night’s sleep last night. First I couldn’t sleep because of the fever, then the cough kept me awake, and after those cleared up I passed a critical point in Woken Furies and stayed awake reading for several nights (since the only time I have to read is when I’d otherwise be sleeping).
Richard K. Morgan: Woken Furies: Morgan redeems himself for Market Forces with this worthy entry into the Takeshi Kovacs canon. I would rate this as better than Broken Angels and not quite as good as Altered Carbon, but still very, very good. It’s set on Kovacs’ home planet of Harlan’s World, thereby explaining a lot of cryptic references in earlier books, and is structured as a suspense novel rather than Altered Carbon’s detective story or Broken Angels’ treasure hunt; most of the plot revolves around Kovacs mounting a rescue mission for a comrade imprisoned by the government, while avoiding various factions that are trying to hunt him down. Meanwhile a number of characters show up that have been alluded to in previous novels, including some significant figures from Kovacs’ past. (Can I spoil something if it’s in the prologue? I’ll restrain myself.)
One of my (few) complaints about Broken Angels is that it didn’t do much with the series’ central digitized-consciousness premise, in comparison to Altered Carbon. Fortunately Furies comes back to this and derives some entertaining new conflicts from it. I was especially impressed by the cliche-breaking, Whedonesque way one of these conflicts was resolved; the ending on a whole was excellent, and one of the nice elements of this series is that the books always end in a way that suggests that exciting developments are ahead for the next one.
Gogol Bordello: Gypsy Punks: Ukrainian gypsy punk music sounds like a great idea, but is better in concept than in execution. The gypsy instruments were interesting to listen to at first, but once the novelty wears off I found there wasn’t much substance underneath. Plus the singer got irritating after a while. A couple tracks are above average, “60 Revolutions” being one of them.

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  1. Travis Garrett

    Yeah, Woken Furies is my favorite of the Kovacs books – the plot threads all came together in a very satisfying way – although I was a little bit dissappointed that that one person died in the end… I got it along with Counting Heads by Marusek based on the boingboing recommendation, and I liked Furies better. Counting Heads wasn’t bad, but it was missing what Furies had – a plot. It was really more of a big character/world sketch.

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