363rd Newton’s Birthday [Open Thread]

It’s time once again for us to celebrate Newton’s Birthday (which has a Wikipedia entry!). Some physics carols may be found here. Also check out that issue of Physics Today for physics songs. (Was it August ’05? I don’t have my collection here.)
Enjoy the holidays! Here’s an open thread.

5 thoughts on “363rd Newton’s Birthday [Open Thread]

  1. Mason

    I believe the Physics Today issue was the July one. The winning song for their context is in the “current” issue (by which I mean the most recent one I’ve received), which should be the December one. It’s the one with the ice skating picture on the front.
    By the way, we also should not forget Festivus, which is usually celebrated on 12/23. Sadly, I forgot to check early enough and post an entry about it. However, it apparently can be used to substitute for other holidays, so maybe I’ll use it around Easter. (Then again, Passover is around then too, so maybe I should find another time.)
    Anyway, happy late Festivus!

  2. Chris L-S

    For some reason, it seemed like almost every story/program on NPR this holiday weekend was either a) nihilistic to the point of suicidal depression, b) annoying as hell, or c) just plain awful. What is it about the holidays that seems to make NPR programers so depressed?

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