ID infects CA

I tend to speak very highly of California, while mocking other, less civilized states, especially if they are below the Mason-Dixon line. However, my beloved state has been known to indulge in abject stupidity on occasion. We made Arnold governor, we continue to allow Rob Schneider to make movies, and now… “intelligent design” has come to California. The new strategy is to claim that it’s “philosophy” rather than science. (They’re half-right, insofar as it is indeed not science.)

In this case, the parents say in their suit that school officials in Lebec — a town of about 1,300 just west of Interstate 5 in Kern County and about 63 miles north of Los Angeles — designed their course as a way of getting around that decision.
At a special meeting of the El Tejon Unified School District on Jan. 1, at which the board approved the new course, “Philosophy of Design,” school Supt. John W. Wight said that he had consulted the school district’s attorneys and that they “had told him that as long as the course was called ‘philosophy,’ ” it could pass legal muster, according to the lawsuit.

I can only hope the courts will correct this rapidly… our public schools are bad enough as it is.

5 thoughts on “ID infects CA

  1. JSpur

    I’m not sure where the school districts attorneys got their law degrees- a correspondence course, maybe? It is absurd to suggest that relabeling a religious studies class as “philosophy” is all that’s necessary to remove the First Amendment violation.

  2. Justin

    As Kevin Drum points out, the interior of California isn’t that much different from Mississippi…
    I particularly liked the soccer coach “philosophy teacher” planning to have Crick come in as a token pro-science guest speaker. Cosmic Variance is having some fun with that notion.
    And as a matter of state honor, note thate this is just one small town hick school, nothing to do with the state as a whole. :-)

  3. Mason

    While I can religion being classified as a subfield of philosophy, there’s this whole separation of Church and State thing in which I believe very strongly.
    The moment of silent conteplation that my high school added to the school day a couple years after I left was even enough to annoy me just because I know what types of contemplation the people who fought for that had in mind. Had I still been a student there, my plan would have been to contemplate the current issue of EGM (or a baseball publication), which I kind of did during some of my classes anyway.
    I believe that California’s public school system is ranked pretty low, but I think it’s been Mississippi and Georgia going neck-and-neck for #50 the past several years.

  4. Lemming

    You forget, the CA public school system is “one broke-ass piece of shit.”
    I think quoting yourself on what you just typed as you type it is kinda lame, but it does add a little emphasis.

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