8 thoughts on “Darwin Day 2006

  1. Josh

    Dick Cheney celebrated by trying to naturally select one of his subordinates out of the gene pool with a shotgun. At least someone in government is for evolution.

  2. JSpur

    This was Cheney pandering to PETA. For fear he’d lose the animal rights vote he didn’t actually want to shoot any quail. Instead he wanted them to die of laughter at his marksmanship.

  3. Lemming

    For what it’s worth, OneMike just told me, “You’re living proof that Darwin was wrong.”
    Clearly I should celebrate by some form of self-castration (though my social skills are functionally equivalent to this). I’m not sure what to recommend for you, though.

  4. lidarose

    Sort of along these lines — I couldn’t find another recent thread that was apropos — check out the Toles cartoon from Feb. 2. (It just ran in our paper Saturday.)
    Also, to see a surprising way that a bunch of churches/clergypeople celebrated Darwin’s birthday click here. A much-needed breath of fresh air in the debate!

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