Someone call Seattle

Tell them we have their weather, and they should come pick it up.

Rainy-day records were also broken in Oakland with 22 days of rain, San Rafael with 24 days and Santa Rosa with 25 days. Oakland International Airport had 7.22 inches of rain during the month, breaking the previous mark of 5.69 inches set in 1958.

Well, maybe April will be better? No such luck:

I’ll have to go back to Los Angeles just to remind myself what the sun looks like.

17 thoughts on “Someone call Seattle

  1. Lemming

    Not that we’re too much better down here. Sunday was the suniest day we’ve had here in over a week, and looking out the window it didn’t stick.

  2. Lanth

    Hey, today we had sun down here! Of course, it was still raining, but I’ll take what I can get.

  3. julianne

    i hear that tonite the winds are going to be about 50 mph…..this rain makes me want to move back to florida!!

  4. Mason

    “Why does it always rain on me?” (check out the group name for the song with these lyrics!)
    [and if there is more than one song, do a search among possible group names and it will be obvious which one I have in mind]

  5. Wren

    And this last burst of rain put us over the limits and major landslides are now highly probable, accoring to the prof I’m TAing for, who was on CBS last night.

  6. JSpur

    So in celebration of the floods and inspired by Mason’s post, let’s all name our favorite song with the word “rain” in it.
    Mine would be “Who’ll Stop the Rain” by Credence Clearwater Revival. (This is one case in which I would hold out hope for the Credence.)

  7. Arcane Gazebo

    In the genre of “Creedence songs with ‘rain’ in the title,” I like “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” better.
    A search of iTunes reveals that I have only one song with “rain” in the title: “Rain Ammunition” by Pavement (a bonus track on Slanted & Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe). I only gave it three stars so surely it’s not my favorite… if we extend it to songs with “rain” anywhere in the lyrics, the winner seems to be (unsurprisingly) Belle & Sebastian with “The Loneliness Of A Middle Distance Runner”.
    I’ll take a second of the day to think about the things that we have done this year
    The dog lies down, the pouring rain
    I’m underneath the smoker’s railway arch again
    The future’s looking colourful
    It’s the colour of blood, chaos and corruption of a happy soul
    A happy soul will
    Ride in the field
    Till the rain dies down

  8. JSpur

    Yet another reason to hold out hope for the Credence.
    To open up the field I was suggesting any song with the word “rain” in the lyrics.

  9. Josh

    Not a song, but:
    Shine out, fair sun, till I have bought a glass,
    That I may see my shadow as I pass.
    – Richard III, Act I, Scene ii

  10. Mason

    Lemming: Nooooooooooo!!!! (I feel embarrassed by the fact that I knew immediately which band ostensibly sang that song.)
    The clear winner in my book is “Rain in the Summertime” by The Alarm
    Honorable Mentions: Only Happy When It Rains (Garbage), Summer Rain (Belinda Carlisle), Summer Rain (Slinkee Minx’s cover of Belinda Carlisle), Here Comes the Rain Again (Eurythmics), Red Rain (Peter Gabriel), Why Does it Always Rain on Me (Travis), London Rain (Heather Nova), It’s Raining Men (The Weather Girls) [by the way, this last song is one of the songs that really represents the disco era for me]
    Also noteworthy: Here Comes the Rain Again (Cr?shadows cover of Eurythmics), Rain King (Counting Crows), Have Your Ever Seen the Rain? (Creedence), Have You Ever Seen the Rain? (REM cover of Creedence), After the Rain has Fallen (Sting)
    Good song that I’m a bit embarrassed that I enjoy: After The Rain (Nelson)
    There are others I like, but this list is long enough as it is.
    I’m not going to even start with a lyrics search to find other songs.

  11. Wren

    It Never Rains in Southern California, which my parents sang at me repeatedly the first spring I was in SoCal, which happened to be an El Nino year.

  12. Anonymous

    Hah, while I was walking to work I ended up humming “Blame it on the Weatherman,” which certainly qualifies:
    “It’s just one more day
    No one said
    There would be rain again
    Won’t blame it on myself
    I’ll blame it on the weatherman”
    I sincerely hope it stops soon; I want a dodgerdog :(

  13. Lanth

    Um, that last comment was me. I cleared my firefox cache stuff (before backing up my /home dir) and forgot to fill it back in >

  14. Mason

    Oh, we are so going to the game today anyway (so far, it looks like game on). Of course, it did receive the lowest possible rating on the spectator index, where its 1 means “very poor”, as opposed to the merely poor 2-3.
    Go Dodgers!

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