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my apocalyptic tenor has not been dispelled

my apocalyptic tenor has not been dispelled

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I don’t know if this will show up, but it’s the T. Rex skeleton at the National Museum of Natural History. I spent the day in Washington DC, and possibly saw Rick Santorum. (I inadvertently walked into one of his campaign events.) Better pictures (of the city, not the senator) to follow when I’m on a connection better than my phone.

Finish line

Finished! Our team took about thirty hours overall. My last leg was great, running through the redwood forest in the hills above Santa Cruz, and then opening up to a view of the ocean. It was a bit hot, but mostly downhill, so I was able to maintain a good pace.


Our window took a lot of stress while crossing the bridge. We were repairing breaches with more duct tape while the driver did his Scotty impression. Fortunately it’s holding up. Meanwhile, my phone is putting weird timestamps on these posts so it looks like I’m posting into the future.


Getting ready for our van’s second leg. We have twenty-four kills tallied on the side of the van; sadly none are mine, but I’ll try to pick some up on my next run.

Relay blogging!

We’re headed to the midpoint of the race, at the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge, in a van with a window composed of saran wrap and duct tape. One hundred miles to go, once our runners catch up to this point…