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Return Current

I’m back on American soil, having just arrived in Chicago in the nursery section of a United flight from Munich. One more flight and a BART ride to go, then I can get some sleep.

Air travel suckage

So I’ve been sitting on this plane for more than an hour, on the runway in Oakland. They worked on a mechanical problem until they decided a panel needed replacing. Unfortunately there’s no replacement here, so they are sending one from San Francisco. In a taxi. Meanwhile, they are showing a movie, The Pacifier, to, uh, pacify us. I got up at 3:45 for this?

March Meeting Talk Update

I had thought my talk was too long, so I streamlined it a lot the last few days. I ended up using eight minutes instead of the intended ten, so I could have gone more slowly. Other than that it went well, and unlike last year the question period was not a disaster. To celebrate, I plan lots of gaming.

Promotional items

Waiting for Life of Brian to start… They are handing out prayer cards at concessions; must be left over from The Passion. Also, in the lobby you can get your picture taken in front of a crucifixion backdrop under the words “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life”. I assume that’s not left over from The Passion.

Stream of consciousness preview blogging

This is an experiment. I haven’t actually had any beer, so it shouldn’t be too weird. Insipid pre-show ads. Spooky ghost movie by Sixth Sense guy. Metal, leather – Catwoman! Car chase, Matt Damon in Bourne sequel. Weird-ass Riddick preview. Could actually be cool.