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Live from Kerry-oke

None of you slackers contributed a song for Kerry-oke, and shockingly I didn’t get around to writing something myself. I could always adapt Eric Cartman’s method for writing Christian rock to this occasion should it become necessary…


The award presenters are introduced in the form of a mystery, i.e. various facts about the presenters are revealed as clues before their names are stated. (Incidentally, the flow of bad puns shows no sign of ceasing.)

Killing Bill soon…

At about 8:30 this evening I started to feel a rather intense need to see Kill Bill vol 2, and it occurred to me that midnight showings might exist, even though my chances of getting a ticket seemed rather slim. Two hours later, having watched the first volume on DVD, I was driving across the Bay Bridge with Battle Without Honor or Humanity playing on the stereo. Now I’m updating by phone from the (very long) line at the theater. Spoiler-free review to follow later.

March Meeting: day 2

This morning: more qubit talks, mostly less relevant than yesterday’s. Then, the Nobel session. Unfortunately I couldn’t see or hear the Nobel talks very well, the floor not being sloped and the mike not turned up enough. Still, I got some of it. Abrikosov noted that something like half of all physics Nobelists had their initial work on the subject rejected. Don’t follow the fashion, he said; if you do, your career will blossom, but you can forget about a Nobel Prize. Right now I’m not thinking much about prizes and more about taking a nap. Sadly, there aren’t many good places to lie down here, and there’s another quantum computing session in a few minutes. Maybe I’ll get out of it early enough to go running before dinner. (On a treadmill; I’m not equipped to go running in this Hoth-like weather.)