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Friday Catblogging: Vague Omen

I said I didn’t get any pictures of Omen when he came by on Sunday, but one of my attempts actually sort of turned out, albeit a bit unfocused. I haven’t seen Omen since, mainly due to not being at home myself. Next week is equally busy, and then I go to New York, so it may be a while until the next Friday Catblogging. Meanwhile: here is Omen doing the please give me treats look.
friday catblogging: vague omen

Omen returns!

Longtime readers may have wondered what happened to Omen, the stray cat who would periodically vist my patio and appear on this blog on Fridays. I wondered this too, since he just stopped showing up sometime last year. It turns out he’s alive and well, and came by this evening looking for cat treats. I had to explain how I don’t keep them on hand if he doesn’t visit for an entire year.
Readers may also recall that I used to be Omen’s favorite platform game. It’s possible his real purpose in dropping by was to clear that level he never managed before. This time when he pounced I had learned my lesson—if I try to dodge he just deploys the claws. He landed gracefully on my left shoulder, and then decided to walk around to the right shoulder. Does he think he’s a parrot? Is there really a 1-up on my head? This would be kind of endearing if I weren’t actually allergic to Omen.
I didn’t get a picture since he was so jumpy, but maybe he’ll be back. His return does feel like, well, an omen…
(For new readers, the best Omen post ever was this one.)