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David Goodstein hits the Grim Meathook Lecture Circuit

Doug Natelson (via Mixed States) comments on a talk by Caltech prof David Goodstein. Goodstein is mostly known for bad physics puns, but is now brandishing a meathook and predicting the imminent end of civilization. Apparently he’s written a book, Out of Gas, on the increasingly frightening subject of peak oil. Anyone know if the book is any good? I’m tempted to check it out, assuming he’s foregone the puns this time.

Tech Nostalgia

I recovered from my illness but have been playing catch-up, hence the lack of blogging. This is just another tiny post to point out that Caolionn O’Connell has a photo of this year’s Christmas light display on Millikan Library at Caltech. Looks spectacular as usual (at least in the photo). I do miss seeing that as I walked across campus to turn in my finals at 3 am. I bet the Campanile here would make a good Christmas tree, but it wouldn’t be the same…