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Party crasher

This is awesome: a Fairfield University professor registered as the only member of the Connecticut for Lieberman party and promptly elected himself chairman.

According to bylaws established by Orman, anyone whose last name is Lieberman may seek the party’s nomination – or any critic of the senator.
Orman seized control of the Connecticut for Lieberman Party this week after registering as its sole member and electing himself as chairman.

Orman said the “party” is upset that Lieberman has abandoned it and says he is an “Independent Democrat.”
“I want to organize it as a group that will keep (Lieberman) accountable,” Orman said. “It will be dedicated to critics, opponents, bloggers. . . . I’m just trying to carry it to the next step.”

(Via Shellock.)

Connecticut Senate Race: WTF?

I don’t think I’ve blogged about the Connecticut Senate race, which is odd since I usually claim to be from that state. But it will probably not come as a surprise that I’m delighted to see Ned Lamont put up a serious primary challenge to Joe Lieberman. I’ve disliked Lieberman since back in the ’90s when he was condemning video games as agents of moral decay. He’s always struck me as someone who just wants the damn kids off his lawn. But what really made me think it’s time for him to go was last year when he chastised his fellow Democrats for criticizing Bush, appealing to the extremely un-American notion that the commander-in-chief should have unconditional support during wartime. This statement made it clear that Lieberman has forgotten what his job is as a senator, and indeed as a citizen in a democracy.
There are also lots of secondary reasons, like Lieberman’s vote for cloture on Alito, that reinforce my conviction that Lamont would be a much better senator. So I know how I’d be voting if I still lived in the Nutmeg State. However, I am somewhat sympathetic to the one reasonable counterargument, the idea that it might be a bad idea strategically to have this primary fight, because it means that what was a safe Democratic seat is now a possible loss in the general election, especially with Lieberman’s decision to run as an independent in case he loses the primary. There are a couple ways the Dems could lose the seat: either Lieberman could win the general as an independent (with a grudge against the Democratic base), or (less probably) Lieberman and Lamont could split the vote in a way that allows the Republican candidate to win the seat. So far Lieberman has been campaigning in such a completely inept fashion that it’s tempting to imagine he would make an extremely poor showing without backing of the party, but the incumbent advantage is doubtless considerable.
But now the race is getting weird, because there’s a fourth candidate entering: Diana Urban, an anti-war Republican from the state Assembly, is preparing to make a Senate run as an independent. How this changes the strategic considerations I don’t know, but it definitely makes things more interesting.

Fire and Ice

Despite the best attempts of American Airlines to stop me with delays and mechanical failures, I have returned to Berkeley. Luckily there was no new flooding, but the rain continues. Meanwhile, in Connecticut I saw actual snow. Here are a couple of pictures I took while I was there:
This one is of a reservoir in New Canaan, which was partially iced over. It had been above freezing for several days and the ice was melting away.
ice over reservoir
New Year’s Eve was on the last night of during Hannukah, and the party I attended (at Shellock’s house) celebrated both. The full display of eight menorahs was quite impressive: