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Skyline [Open Thread]

Got back from LA late last night, and have been busy all day. Life may get a little less frantic this month, once I catch up… although we have a ton of visitors to the lab in the next few weeks, so maybe not. The Pasadena trip was a lot of fun, and the gaming was indeed a worthy celebration for completing my March tasks. I didn’t take as many photos as I might have liked, but I’ve collected a few in a Flickr photoset anyway. (Most of them have already been posted.)
Last week someone somewhere linked directly to an mp3 from a post last year, leading to a lot of downloads. This caused me to change my mp3 policy: only the latest song I’ve posted will be available for download. This is not because of any philosophical opposition to people linking them, but simply because inverse is pretty old and decrepit, and won’t function very well as a fileserver for other, higher traffic sites. At some point I should probably upgrade inverse before something dies, but this is not yet a priority.
Thievery Corporation: The Cosmic Game: Spacey, hypnotic electronica. One of several CDs I bought for the drive down to LA, I played this as I merged into the downtown traffic at night, the Los Angeles skyline coming into view through the rain. The skyline itself looks a lot more sinister now that I’ve watched all of Angel; it was always shown just before a cut to the offices of Wolfram & Hart. Anyway: “Holographic Universe”

March Meeting Talk Update

I had thought my talk was too long, so I streamlined it a lot the last few days. I ended up using eight minutes instead of the intended ten, so I could have gone more slowly. Other than that it went well, and unlike last year the question period was not a disaster. To celebrate, I plan lots of gaming.

LA Sightseeing

la traffic
Proof that I’m really here. It rained all the way down the 5, except for a short patch north of the Tejon Pass; you could see the rainclouds surrounding the hills, which looked really cool, but my picture didn’t come out. I did capture a rainbow with a pot of gold Starbucks at the end.
More photoblogging as the week progresses…

Stress-free Links Post

I have been decompressing this week after a lot of stress suddenly dissipated. It may seem odd for me to be decompressing the week before I give my talk, but that’s how it worked out this time. During this period I have neglected Friday Catblogging, but maybe I’ll post a late edition this weekend. In the meantime, here are some links I meant to post earlier.
Blogs I’m adding to the sidebar:

  • Pharyngula: Biology and evolution blogging from PZ Myers. He seems so calm and mild-mannered when writing about science, but when he gets going on religion he turns into The Hulk. It’s great.
  • Rude Pundit: This guy, on the other hand, never seems calm or mild-mannered. If your workplace blocks profanity, his site will be unreadable.
  • Michael Bérubé: He actually used to be on my blogroll, and then his site went down. It’s been back up for sometime, so I’m adding him back. Another entry in the “sharp-witted political blogging from an academic” category.
  • John and Belle Have A Blog: I enjoy their contributions to Crooked Timber (which is down, so no link), so I’ve started reading their other blog.

Funny shit:

  • Dinosaur Comics: It took me a while, but I now realize its brilliance. Don’t be put off by the fact that the art is the same every day (giving it a similar feel to My New Fighting Technique Is Unstoppable); after a while you get into the rhythm of it, which makes it funnier.
  • RTFM T-shirt: You all read Boing Boing, so you saw this already. Some of you know of my fondness for remixed Communist propaganda…
  • Lovecraftian Chick Tract: I gather this has been around a while but this is my first encounter with it. Warning: Geocities page, arm your pop-up blockers. (via Slacktivist)