Life imitates art: superhero tryouts

Via Pharyngula, these tryouts for Stan Lee’s new superhero reality show remind me of nothing so much as the hero recruitment drive in Mystery Men. Perhaps I could use my quantum coherence research to develop a superhero persona, but my powers would only work if no one observes them. (Maybe this is just a secret identity requirement.) However, the field is probably rife with potential supervillainy.

2 thoughts on “Life imitates art: superhero tryouts

  1. Mason

    Gazebo: Captain Quantum is already taken, and the game in which I played him was very much like Mystery Men. (He would often try to run through walls and go through them via “coherence” but it only worked once; he would usually just crash in the walls at full speed, which impressed his companions greatly. His “entanglement” power worked much better.) Things did occasionally get hairy when his arch-rival (a good guy, but a nemesis nonetheless) Measurement Man came on the scene and tried to solve a given crime before he could. His tagline often went along the lines of “We need to solve this crime before Measurement Man gets to it!”
    I should try out, given that I have mad kaos skilz [sp? :) ]. :)

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