5 thoughts on “Coachella, Day 2

  1. Katie

    “Pardon me, but could you direct me to the Coachella Valley and the great carrot festival, (pant, pant) therein?”
    –Bully for Bugs (1953)
    Chuck Jones’ Bugs Bunny– you should see it again

  2. Mason

    Dude, that means my Pismo Beach comment was even better than I thought! (This entry hadn’t been posted then, and I didn’t consciously recollect a Coachella reference by Bugs Bunny, but it seems I may have subconsciously been led in that direction because I was referring to a similar incident in those cartoons…)
    By the way, it’s a good thing we didn’t duplicate Steve Howe’s recent Coachella experience…

  3. Katie

    Mason- the Pismo Beach reference comes from another Chuck Jones cartoon where Bugs comes up from underground and is not where he anticipated.
    I believe that one is from Ali Baba Bunny (1957), where Bugs and Daffy find some buried treasure.
    It’s famous line is by Daffy Duck:
    “Oh no you don’t. You want my treasure. Get back in there! Down, down, down, go, go, go, mine, mine, mine! (Evil laugh)”

  4. Arcane Gazebo

    That is a terrific Bugs Bunny quote. I totally remember both Bully for Bugs and Ali Baba Bunny (although I had forgotten the Coachella reference). Classics.

  5. Mason

    I used that reference because something made me think of ending up in the wrong place and wondering about the correct one. (Gazebo: Do you remember what happened or was said right before I did that?) Still, I think it’s very likely that I used this reference (which I specifically remembered) via a subconscious memory of the one that’s even more apt.

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