Caltech Reunion Coordination Thread

It’s Ditch Day!
The remainder of this post will primarily be of interest to the people who are going to be in Pasadena this weekend. I’m posting this thread to facilitate planning and meeting up while I’m in town. I’ll be arriving around 4pm on Friday and staying through Monday afternoon; Saturday evening I’m planning to see Josh’s performance in Antony and Cleopatra.
I failed to register for the “official” reunion dinner on Friday, so maybe we should make dinner plans for that night. Saturday is also open for me before the evening, unless I decide to go to the seminars.
Mohi and I were discussing making a beach trip on Sunday (weather permitting) followed by games (video or otherwise) in the evening. Is this a good plan? Post your thoughts here, and let us know if you can make it so we can keep you in the loop.

10 thoughts on “Caltech Reunion Coordination Thread

  1. Mason

    I come back on Sunday night but will be in no condition to do anything that evening.
    I am interested in who will still be around to do stuff on Monday (even if it’s just lunch).

  2. Justin

    As noted in Mason’s blog a week or two back, I’m in a very busy period now… This weekend doesn’t look good. If there’s board gaming on Sunday night, that might be feasible. Lunch Monday also works. Have fun with the rest of the weekend!

  3. Josh

    Everyone’s invited to the good old A&C! Saturday night at 8PM just a strip mall north of Sunset on La Brea at the Next Stage. $15 admission.

  4. Lemming

    I’m in for whatever this weekend. I’ve had really bad allergies on and off, though, so I may go AWOL on short notice.
    Josh — reservations required? Oh, and how about Harvey Birdman? 😛
    In any case, looking forward to seeing ya’ll.

  5. Josh

    Lemming, I’ll make sure to pack Harvey Birdman and my character sheets so that if nothing else, Travis can deliver them to the proper people. Reservations aren’t required, but if you want to make them, the number is 310.383.6644

  6. Lemming

    Oh, hey, the usual offer for someone to stay in my extra room holds–just lemme know. The place is actually fairly tidy (has been for a while–though I am talking on a relative scale), and the only real downside is the slightly odd shower.

  7. Arcane Gazebo

    I’ll be around at least through lunch on Monday. Mohi had said earlier (I’m paraphrasing here) “DAMN I like chicken, DAMN I like waffles” so that might be a possibility for either Saturday or Monday.

  8. JSpur

    I can vouch for the A&C. It is must see Shakespeare.
    But do be prepared for Antony to take a really, really long time to die. And to make a lot of noise while he’s at it.
    Oh, and when Caesar says “let’s all haul ass for Rome?” That means the play is over.
    But it is good stuff indeed. “That truth should remain silent I had almost forgot.”
    A line that still resonates in today’s world.

  9. Zifnab

    Been meaning to respond to this thread. I’m available to some extent all weekend – CS diagnostic exam is next week so I may not have as much time as i’d like, we’ll see how much I finish today and tomorrow.
    My schedule is the following:
    Friday: busy leading a raid in WoW from 6pm to ~11pm. Definately interested in dinner after that time, hanging out, etc. Maybe interested in food beforehand.
    Saturday: No plans other than studying. A+C sounds interesting.
    Sunday: Beach trip/games idea works for me. Again i’ll prolly need to devote some time to studying, but that’s flexible and may be doable at the beach. Reading about mathematics could be a whole lot better when on a beach, surrounded by intelligent people who actually understand the math. :)
    Monday: May have a meeting with a prof sometime, but can schedule around it if needed.
    Overall: We have a spare room that’s available if anyone needs a place to crash, there’s sleeping bags and stuff which makes the floor sorta comfortable. Just let me know. :)
    Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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