Interlude [Open Thread]

I’m back from Pasadena, and will be in Berkeley for three whole days before making a quick trip to North Carolina (for a wedding). In the midst of trying to take useful data during this period I’ll see about ensuring that this page does not completely empty out, starting with this standard open thread.
The Duke Spirit: Cuts Across The Land: The first of two Coachella-motivated CD purchases. (The second, Art Brut’s Bang Bang Rock & Roll, will be reviewed here in a couple weeks.) The title track of this album, a terrific garage rock song with powerful vocals, is what got me interested in this band originally and I was hoping to find more like it on the album. The good news is that there are several: “Love Is An Unfamiliar Name”, “Fades The Sun”, and “Lion Rip” are highlights. This band is very good at strong, driving rock songs, but when they try to slow things down it doesn’t work as well and yields the weaker tracks on the album. During the peak songs, though, this album comes close to what I was hoping for (but didn’t find) with the latest Yeah Yeah Yeahs release. Rating: 3.5/5

2 thoughts on “Interlude [Open Thread]

  1. shep

    oh, hey, how odd. well, welcome to my current state. which part of NC will you be in? my grandma and her boyfriend will be visiting this weekend, but if you’re around the triangle and want a cup of coffee (or tea, if coffee isn’t your cup…) then i’d be happy to host. -s

  2. Arcane Gazebo

    Hey Shep, I’ll be in Chapel Hill on Saturday but I think I’m occupied all day with family and the wedding. It would be nice to catch up, so I’ll let you know if I end up back in that area on a more relaxed schedule.

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