Politics roundup: flightsuit optional

I think my brain is still in vacation mode, since I haven’t been able to come up with any deep thoughts for the blog. I have a bunch of stuff to review which I’ll try to post tonight. Meanwhile, I haven’t done a political post for a while, so here are a few items.

  • Abu Musab al-Zarqawi killed. Better late than never, I suppose. The Bush administration let this guy operate as long as he was politically useful for drumming up support for the Iraq war. From The Atlantic:

    During my time in Jordan, I asked a number of officials what they considered to be the most curious aspect of the relationship between the U.S. and al-Zarqawi, other than the fact that the Bush administration had inflated him.
    One of them said, “The six times you could have killed Zarqawi, and you didn’t.”
    When Powell addressed the United Nations, he discussed the Ansar al-Islam camp near Khurmal, in northern Kurdistan, which he claimed was producing ricin and where al-Zarqawi was then based. On at least three occasions, between mid-2002 and the invasion of Iraq the following March, the Pentagon presented plans to the White House to destroy the Khurmal camp, according to a report published by TheWall Street Journal in October 2004. The White House either declined or simply ignored the request.

  • Bush’s visit to Baghdad. Meaningless political theater, like the “Mission Accomplished” flightsuit stunt. This is just about the only thing Bush is good at. I’m not holding my breath for any changes in Iraq policy.
  • No frog march for Karl Rove. Disappointing; as Josh Marshall points out, we all know by now that Rove did leak Plame’s identity.
  • The California primary. I normally try to pay attention to primaries, but I think I would have slept through this even if I hadn’t been in Mexico at the time.

Anything else I should have mentioned?

4 thoughts on “Politics roundup: flightsuit optional

  1. PoliticalCritic

    Well, there is that drunk Kennedy pleading guilty to DUI. Of course, he ain’t going to jail even though anyone else would. The Dems won’t, but they need to get rid of him.

  2. Arcane Gazebo

    Yeah, I thought about putting that on the list. I frequently think the Kennedys are more trouble for the Dems than they’re worth, but I’m not a big fan of political dynasties in general.

  3. Justin

    Regarding the primaries, I continue to be baffled and amazed that Californians vote against funding things by taxing the extremely wealthy. Granted, I’d prefer a proposition levying the same tax, with the money either going into the general fund or specifically to pay off the bonds the state has, but preschool is OK too… Why bonds-for-libraries comes sorta-close to passing while soak-the-rich-for-preschool goes down in flames just makes no sense to me.
    Bush in Baghdad: as Colbert said, we have “the most powerful staged photo-ops in the world!” I think the point about the need for secrecy should have been at the top of the article, also.
    I suppose it could be somewhat political to point out that Canada is indeed a very nice country. Judging from their papers and TV, I think they even have retained a few journalists! :-) I’d like to see a AAS winter meeting held somewhere in Mexico sometime, too.

  4. Mason

    I think the reason the preschool proposition failed is that a lot of people were worried that it might promote future gay marriage (or perhaps even belief in evolution) among the tots. (I saw the whole tax-the-rich thing and voted for it.) I also heard that George Bush is coming out tomorrow.
    I was going to try to write something funny and snide (as opposed to just snide), but I gave up at some point, as you can tell.

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