Helium is the sweetest of the noble gases.

Slate worries about the dangers of helium. Yes, innocent, inert helium. Apparently, you might pass out and hit your head on something. Maybe next Slate will do an article on the threat of the liquid phase, on the grounds that it’s really cold. I once took a spray of liquid helium full in the face—it was cool and refreshing!

8 thoughts on “Helium is the sweetest of the noble gases.

  1. Mason

    Jeff: I was waiting for someone to use that line. It definitely came to mind when I saw this picture… [[nods in approval]]

  2. Josh

    For those who do not know, Alan Cumming (pictured in this post frozen by liquid nitrogen) released a fragrance of his for men and women in the past year. He went with the obvious name choice.

  3. Justin

    Silly me, thanks to the picture my first thought for “obvious name choice” was Invincible… 😛
    Mason, thanks for the reminder! Turns out those wine catalogs are online. Click on any of the “The Vinferno” links, and scroll ~2/3 of the way down for the actual wine listings. Lesleigh and I still aren’t sure if these wine snobs are serious or if they’re just having fun being way over-the-top in their descriptions.

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