If you click on just one of my links this week, make it this fun philosophy game (yeah, I know that sounds unlikely). It’s actually a 17-question true/false quiz that probes for self-contradictions in the player’s beliefs about the existence of God. I’m pleased to report that as far as this quiz is concerned, my beliefs are completely self-consistent.

I do think there is a bias here, but both atheists and believers can get a perfect score.

One thought on “linkage/battleground

  1. El Testiculo

    I win!

    I used the googly eyes image for annoyance.

    Anyway, I got a perfect score on the philosophy quiz. I’m sure you laughed loud at the latest Nuklear Power comic, like I did, but I’m also sure I laughed twice as hard, since I read it just after taking the quiz.

    You get bonus points for that.

    However, you lose points for using the Alaskan tours to reference “aren’t there bears outside?” rather than the obvious alternative.

    Granted, that would be most effective if used at the end of any of the bad stories. I’m thinking after the Ann Coulter anecdote, myself.

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