Vaporware watch: The Duke Nukem Forever list

If you read Kotaku this is last week’s news, but someone has compiled an amusing list of things that have happened since Duke Nukem Forever was announced. (For the non-gamers in the audience, this is a PC game that was announced nine years ago and is still in development.) They start with video games (75 Mega Man games, I assume that counts remakes) and proceed to more general categories, e.g.:

Movies that were filmed, released in theatres, and have made it to DVD:

  • All three Star Wars prequels.

  • The entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, with extended editions.
  • Every Pixar movie aside from Toy Story.
  • Three (possibly four) James Bond films.
  • Every movie, animation, and video game from The Matrix series.

Also note the occasional liberal bias. (“The national minimum wage has remained $5.15.”)

7 thoughts on “Vaporware watch: The Duke Nukem Forever list

  1. Josh

    Top that list with “I turned 21.” It’s certainly of historical significance to me.
    Actually, top that list with “Every Duke Nukem fan reached the age where they outgrew Duke Nukem”.

  2. Mason

    For the benefit of a couple people, Ben Williamson was on the Duke Nukem’ Forever team back in the day.
    There are any number of good ways to say what has happened since the project was announced, but one very good way of putting things in perspective is to point out that both the Red Sox and the White Sox have won the World Series since then.

  3. Jolene

    That’s pretty funny! Talk about long delays.
    A less relevant thing that’s happened since the game was announced: one of the co-creators of BoardGameGeek left his job on the Duke Nukem Forever team and starting working on BGG full-time. (And many of us who read the site often aren’t unhappy about this at all.)

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