But where’s “November Rain”?

Pitchfork hits YouTube and comes back with 100 Awesome Music Videos. Well, some of them are awesome and some are “awesome” (David Hasselhoff covering “Hooked on a Feeling”, for example). I watched “To Here Knows When” (My Bloody Valentine) and “Sugarcube” (Yo La Tengo) immediately, those being two of my favorite songs—the former looks like the song for a nice synaesthetic effect, and the latter is just hilarious. Also, the Decemberists’ “16 Military Wives” video is worthwhile (I saw it a while ago). Later on I’m going to go through and watch a bunch more of these.

20 thoughts on “But where’s “November Rain”?

  1. Lemming

    Dang, only ONE video from my short-short list made it. (Royksopp’s “Remind Me”, full of win.) (Edit: Junior Senior made it as well, make that two!)
    I’m going to watch the set and see how they compare. An off-the-top-of-my-head list of videos chock full of goodness:
    Daft Punk – Around the World, entirety of Interstella 555
    Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice (more cowbell!)
    Postal Service – Such Great Heights
    Gorillaz – 19-2000, Rock da’ House, Clint Eastwood
    Worth mentioning is that the Gorillaz videos have the weakest music (out of this set, anyway–no lack of love for my cartoon homies), but make up the difference with the videos.
    I think some old school Aerosmith wins for Betty/Veronica awesomeness, but I’ve only seen clips, so I can’t really speak authoratatively on that.
    There are a few more out there that I’m sure are key, but I’m not thinking of them at the moment. I *cough cough ahem* exuse me, I know someone who downloaded a massive 20G torrent a while back. I^H*cough*He should look those over again for winnars.
    So, everyone, what are your favorite music videos? My picks, for the most part, are those above. Also, there are enough unofficial videos (superset of AMVs) to justify their own category. The Internet is for Porn, anyone? (Google video that phrase, it’s safe.)

  2. Arcane Gazebo

    I haven’t seen a lot of music videos, but a couple that I’ve liked are The Faint’s “Agenda Suicide” and Architecture in Helsinki’s “Do The Whirlwind”. (Thanks to Chris for pointing out the latter to me.)

  3. JSpur

    I’m still partial to that one Josh posted the link to, the “Get Yourself High” one. Of course, I do believe that is the only one I have ever watched…..

  4. Josh

    Praise You – Fatboy Slim, dir. Spike Jonze
    Weapon of Choice – Fatboy Slim, dir. Spike Jonze
    Sabotage – Beastie Boys, dir. Spike Jonze
    Feel the Pain – Dinosaur Jr., dir. Spike Jonze
    Window Licker – Aphex Twin, dir. Chris Cunningham (Also best intro to music of all time)
    Come to Daddy – Aphex Twin, dir. Chris Cunningham
    Come on My Selector, Squarepusher, dir. Chris Cunningham
    Only You – Portishead, dir. Chris Cunningham
    Around the World – Daft Punk, dir. Michel Gondry
    Star Guitar – Chemical Brothers, dir. Michel Gondry (Really great with DVD quality, but this is what I’ve got to work with)
    The Hardest Button to Button – The White Stripes, dir. Michel Gondry
    Sugar Water – Cibo Matto, dir. Michel Gondry (Stupid Japanese people trying to speak English…)
    Let Forever Be – Chemical Brothers, dir. Michel Gondry

  5. Josh

    Also, for classics on the 100 list, the ones I’ve seen/like include:
    “Take on Me” – A-ha
    “Coffee & TV” – Blur
    “Hooked on a Feeling” – David Hasslehoff (if you haven’t seen this, you haven’t tapped in to the amazing well of ridiculousness the human spirit contains)
    “Sweet Dreams” – The Eurythmics

  6. Lemming

    Josh, you win the internets. I’m less excited about the Chris Cunningham ones (except for Window Licker), but I can see their worth. Michel Gondry is a god among men, and Spike Jonze isn’t far off. I realized soon after my post that I’d forgotten Sabotage, an old favorite, but was working through the the 100 list first. I’m about 2/3 through right now, so I’ll be back later.

  7. Jolene

    I didn’t watch all of the music videos on that 100-list, but I have to say…the mere memory of how ridiculous that Electric Six “Danger! High Voltage!” video was makes me start snickering.

  8. Josh

    Lemming – Spike Jonze has incredibly clever premises, and Michel Gondry incredibly clever effects. Chris Cunningham really does it for me in terms of ambience, and I find that most of what he does works for me in terms of my own particular tastes rather than any sort of innovation.
    My own particular tastes: read, sick and twisted or mellow and mood-setting.

  9. Mason

    The unofficial “The Internet is for Porn” video is indeed awesome, but for me it’s the awesomeness of the song instelf that does it rather than the video. (I need to see the whole musical it’s from… Is it still playing in Vegas?)
    Tim keeps telling me about “Remind Me” because I’ve brought up Royksopp’s music before. (Travis: Checking this group out is one of my recommendations for you. I especially like “What else is there?” from The Understanding.)
    In terms of the list, let me make a comment only one ones I’ve seen before:
    I haven’t seen very many music videos—I never really got into it as an art form—but I remember the first time I saw the video for “Take on Me.” It may not seem so special now, but when it came on, it was one of the things I saw that made me go: “Wow.” This is just such an incredible video.
    Oh wow, the “Super Bowl Shuffle” is there. I remember being amused by that one.
    Mmmm… Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I remember the Hungry Like the Wolf video. The one for Sweet Dreams is another one I remember. Hmmm…the “Jeopardy” video I remember is the Weird Al one. I don’t remember the video for the song he parodied. There are some others from songs I like (such as Our Lips are Sealed) where I just don’t remember seeing the video at all. I also seriously need to see that Kraftwerk video.
    The Material Girl video was notable for the whole Marilyn Monroe thing. Nothing Compares 2 U was another memorable one. Ooohhhh… “Once in a Lifetime.” That one is both awesome and “awesome.”
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen the video for “Voices Carry,” but it should be worth it just because it comes from Aimee Mann’s funky hair era.
    I expect the Village People video to be completely disturbing.
    The paragraph describing “Legs” is priceless.
    Glaring ommission: Where is “Land of Confusion?” This video starred the DC Follies crew and was simply awesome—especially when Reagan accidently presses the nuke button instead of the coffee button because he’s groggy in the morning.
    I’m definitely going to have to see a couple I don’t remember (like “Remind Me” and the one by Art of Noise… “Close (to the Edit)” is a really great song. So is “Smalltown Boy.”) and to take a trip down memory lane for videos like “Take on Me.”

  10. Mason

    I just remembered one more ommission and I can’t go to bed until I point it out: Where “Enjoy the Silence?” The whole thing with the crown, the landscape, and the folding chair just incredibly ruled!

  11. Shep

    what, no love for Bjork? I think just about every video she’s done is awesome, but of course special props of “All is Full of Love”. I’d never thought semiandrogynous robots could be so sensual. Watching that video makes me want to be a cyborg.
    Also, it’s kinda cheezy, but I really like Radiohead’s “Street Spirit” video.
    Also, I’ll echo “Coffee and TV”, “Star Guitar” and “Weapon of Choice”. Great selections. I’ll add one last one before I disappear, perhaps the most classic one I can think of: “Subterranean Homesick Blues”. [Mad props to the Lloyd “Ghost of Tom Joad”, too, while I’m on the subject.]

  12. Chris L-S

    Some of the early 80s videos I vividly remember and still kinda dig (“Take On Me” and “Mickey” both spring to mind, as does “Rockit”). I also totally feel that “Sabotage” should have been included. It looks like they were trying to avoid duplicating artists, but I’ve always been a fan of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” video. That was Madonna at her absolute sexiest, and I’ve always loved the song.

  13. Lemming

    Alright, here’s my abridged/commented/sortasorted version of the full list…
    The top of the litter:
    Sigur Ros – Untitled #1 (vaka): Fuckin’ aye.
    Aha – Take On Me: I finally know what Mason has been talking about.
    Royksopp – Remind Me: I think she’s hot.
    Junior Senior – Move Your Feet: You will.
    Jason Forrest – War Photographer: Vikings rock. No, I mean literally rock.
    The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist: Really brings the song to life.
    Blur – Coffee & TV: \^_^/
    Still great, but not short list:
    Alex Gopher – The Child: Love the concept, music does nothing for me.
    The Chemical Brothers – Believe: Josh, here’s a Chris Cummingham video I like a bit more… agree (with the reviewer) that the ending is a bit weak though.
    Daft Punk – Burnin’: Homeboy loves his Daft Punk. Would be even more awesome if not upstaged by every other Daft Punk video I’ve seen.
    David Hasselhoff – Hooked On A Feeling: Limburger.
    Electric Six – Danger! High Voltage!: Goodness gracious. Also look up “Gay Bar” by the same group if you get a chance.
    The Decemberists – 16 Military Wives: Luxembourg on guitar, yow!
    David Lee Roth – Just a Gigolo: You know you love this stuff. Just admit it, we won’t think less of you.
    Kidz Bop Kid – Since You Been Gone: Why do I like this? Best guitarist (Tiger) since Luxembourg.
    Yo La Tengo – Sugarcube: Wow, Rock School? Someone should make a movie about… oh shit.
    Van Halen – Hot For Teacher: Sometimes a little bit of objectification is a good thing, or at least that’s what I tell myself when I watch this.
    TMBG – Ana Ng: Are there any TMBG videos floating around? I should check YouTube.
    Snoop Doggy Dogg – Gin and Juice: Hard to argue with the classics.
    Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime: Mason beat me to it, “awesome” and awesome (though not quite Awesome).
    Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2 U: Singing heads, yay. Bet it’d go well with the bit from Ozzy’s “I Just Want You” video–pale heads FTW.
    My Chemical Romance – Helena: Seems kinda generic music video, but it really works.
    The Postal Service – We Will Become as Silhouettes: The glass is half full? Of course, said glass is radioactive, having been created right under ground zero.
    Missy Elliot – Gossip Folks: That’s some good dancing.
    Finally, some other things that should be mentioned… I’m going to *try* to avoid any “me too”s from here on if I can.
    Where’s the love for Coolio? 1-2-3-4 and Fantastic Voyage were both upbeat, fun videos, full of win.
    Another good Beastie Boys video is Intergalactic. You know, planetary, planetary, intergalactic.
    Bloodhound Gang – Firewater Burn. I didn’t know you could dance to that.
    Another Bjork video that wins is Oh So Quiet. All is full of win? You see, ever since a particular incident in Hollywood, I realize sometimes the world *does* spontaneously burst into song and dance.
    Back in high school, the videos for Pearl Jam – Jeremy and Collective Soul – The World I Know were both considered to be the greatest works of art of our time, but I’m not so sure about that now.
    The Pumpkins’ 1979 and Tonight, Tonight both still hold a lot of appeal for me.
    I like Fountains of Wayne – Stacey’s Mom in much the same way as I like Hot for Teacher. Don’t tell anyone, kay?
    Johnny Cash – Hurt makes one HELLUVA montage.
    Linkin Park, while normally not quite my bag of chips, really scored one with Breaking the Habit. I love the animation style.
    Liam Lynch – My United States of Whatever. Whatever.
    Guilty pleasure #N: All of the Prozzak/Simon & Milo videos.
    The Cure – Close to Me. The comb, man, the comb!
    I have access to a fair number of these (though not all), so lemme know if you’d like to looksee.
    You know, it only occurs to me just now to point out that someone should mention The Wall. Music Video for an entire album, FTW.
    Oh, and I’ll recommend Interstella 555 once more. Also a video for the whole album, only this time… in space~~~~.

  14. Mason

    I’m trying to remember how many times I mentioned the “Take on Me” video to Lemming during the past several months—maybe every time he mentioned he had a collection of videos?

  15. Arcane Gazebo

    Lemming: That was quite thorough. I now have the freedom to go watch more of these, since I’ve just collected the last star coin in New Super Mario Bros… but YouTube is down at the moment. Damn!

  16. Josh

    Shep: No. No love for Bjork. Maybe 1% of the day, I have love for Bjork. But the other 99%… goddamn does she need a good slap in the face.
    Okay, that’s overstating it. But I never really acclimatized myself to her music. She’s kind of cute in the “Oh So Quiet” video though.

  17. Lemming

    kind of cute, Josh? You were watching, right?
    And yeah, I can understand not caring for her music. In my case, her music tends to have a very high d/dmood.

  18. Josh

    Lemming: I’m willing to concede as far as “kind of adorable”. That’s about the limit though.

  19. Mason

    I like a few Bjork songs quite a lot (especially Human Behaviour), but some of her songs get on my nerves. I can’t even remember what any of the Sugarcubes’ songs sound like. KROQ used to occasionally play one or two of them during their flashback weekends, but the only Bjork songs I recognize are from her solo days. (Presumably, if I heard a Sugarcubes song now, I’d at least recognize Bjork’s voice.)

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