Friday Random 10: Dangerzone ahead

This one is obviously meant to be a divination, given the explicit appearance of two of the major arcana.

  1. The Covering: Low, “Pissing”

  2. The Crossing: The Afghan Whigs, “Fountain And Fairfax”
  3. The Crown: Neutral Milk Hotel, “The Fool”
  4. The Root: The Flaming Lips, “What Is The Light?”
  5. The Past: Teenage Fanclub, “Satan”
  6. The Future: Clor, “Dangerzone”
  7. The Questioner: Bloc Party, “Hidden Track (Remix)”
  8. The House: R.E.M., “Find The River”
  9. The Inside: Bright Eyes, “Devil In The Details”
  10. The Outcome: Animal Collective, “Turn Into Something”

Here’s the key. This is perhaps the most straightforward iPod tarot reading I’ve ever seen. Even the instrumental tracks in The Crown and The Crossing are helpfully named after actual tarot cards (assuming one takes “Satan” to represent the card of The Devil). The Covering, The Future, and The Outcome are especially direct in their lyrics, with the last track clearly pointing towards an impending transformation. Excellent, hopefully I’ll develop a cool mutant power.
The best song in the set is “Fountain and Fairfax”, although its relevance is less clear than some of the others.
Angel, forever
Don’t you promise me what you cannot deliver
Angel, together
I’ll be waiting for you on Fountain and Fairfax

That intersection exists in Los Angeles, but I don’t know whether that’s the city the Afghan Whigs had in mind…

5 thoughts on “Friday Random 10: Dangerzone ahead

  1. Mason

    I am such a sucker for this stuff…
    1. The Covering: Pet Shop Boys, “Rent (7″ Mix)”
    2. The Crossing: Julie Brown, “Every Boy’s Got One”
    3. The Crown: A-Ha, “Make It Soon”
    4. The Root: Toad The Wet Sprocket, “Hobbit On The Rocks”
    5. The Past: Sweet Sensation, “Sincerely Yours”
    6. The Future: Shawn Colvin, “When You Know”
    7. The Questioner: Vivaldi, “The Four Seasons”
    8. The House: Whimsical Will, “Hey Phantom Menace!”
    9. The Inside: The Toyes, “(Hey Uncle Sam) Leave Us Pot Smokers Alone”
    10. The Outcome: Suzanne Vega, “In Liverpool”
    Hmmm… maybe I should buy my plane ticket to England?
    There are a few things above that I can reasonably interpret in light of current stuff (ummm, wish me luck?), but of course that is greatly helped by the inherent ambiguities to fortune telling and the ability to find patterns whether or not there really are any. I also get completely lost once I get to #8. I would have been highly amused if #9 actually finished things off, which is what I thought at first (but I had miscounted).
    The best songs on this list are Sincerely Yours and Rent. Right now, I’d rank the latter higher, but my ordering of these two songs used to be different.

  2. shep

    I’m a sucker for these, too.
    the Covering: Roni Size [1997] BeatBox
    the Crossing: Bob Mould [1998] Classifieds
    the Crown: Primus [1999] The Final Voyage Of The Liquid Sky
    the Root: Joan Osborne [1995] Pensacola
    the Past: New Order [1987] 1963 [1995]
    the Future: Joni Mitchell [1970] Ladies Of The Canyon
    the Questioner: Stew [2002] The Drug Suite
    the House: Anthrax [1987] A Skeleton in the Closet
    the Inside: H?sker D? [1984] Monday Will Never Be The Same
    the Outcome: Ramones [1977] California Sun
    Er… hrm, this one’s a little enigmatic. That’s a better trait for the fortune teller than the fortune seeker.
    I thought I was getting the gist – a kind of creepily strong dating-life logic here – but then there’s one thing that’s really unexpected: the Future! Hahaha and here I thought I’d had this figured out since I was 14….

  3. Mason

    Is this “BeatBox” a cover of Art of Noise or does it just share a name? (Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if this Art of Noise song is itself a cover, but that’s the version of Beat Box I recognize.)

  4. Josh

    Since I’ve got a lot of unknown songs on my ipod right now, I’m gonna use my Four/Five Star playlist.
    The Covering: David Bowie, Fame
    The Crossing: Metallica, Master of Puppets
    The Crown: Violent Femmes Key of 2
    The Root: Ladytron, International Dateline
    The Past: Metallica, King Nothing
    The Future: David Bowie, Hallo Spaceboy
    The Questioner: The Offspring, Something to Believe In
    The House: Violent Femmes, Kiss Off
    The Inside: Bruce Springsteen, Waiting on a Sunny Day
    The Outcome: The Offspring, Kick Him When He’s Down
    This is all very one-sided in the realm of angst, I can tell right off the bat. I’ve been thinking about my overall productivity in the realm of acting and writing, so Fame is a pretty obvious hit right off the bat. I suppose the direct translation is that control is an issue/obstacle ahead of me, whether that’s control from outside influences or an amount of self-control I exercise in the acts of creation. Perhaps the message is whatever is to be, I won’t be in charge of my own destiny. Which is a long argument to get into to begin with.
    Key of 2 indicates that the optimum way to overcome the obstacles that I dislike off the bat I will grow to like and be assimilated into. Which is kind of depressing.
    Hallo Spaceboy is an interesting draw, suggesting that my future solutions involve either sexual ambiguity or space aliens. I find them equally unlikely.
    Something to Believe In is a nicely fitting song to go with the existentialist/nihilist/atheist lack of faith I have, especially since I would like very much to have faith in “something out there”, I simply don’t. A lack of guardian presence out there does scare me, in all honesty, but I have to face reason in this argument, for my money.
    Kiss Off I’m curious as to what this means. It’d reflect my own point of view rather than outsiders. We’ll see.
    Waiting on a Sunny Day – Prophetic.
    Kick Him When He’s Down – That’s rather disturbing as an outcome. I think the most positive way I could take it is that perseverence is the key to whatever outcome shall be.

  5. Mason

    At least Hallo Spaceboy wasn’t the outcome. On the positive side, it’s a damn awesome song. (David Bowie + Pet Shop Boys = Win.)
    I’m currently listening to Intergalactic Tarzan Boy (and writing here while I wait for Maple and Matlab to grind… redoing calculations for a paper I’m about to submit is “fun”)

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