When Republicans talk about “family values”, apparently they mean like the Soprano family. Here’s the story of how the Bush administration outed an undercover CIA agent to strike back at her husband, a diplomat who investigated and publicized the falsehood of the Niger uranium documents.

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  1. El Testiculo

    A pretext is a pretext.

    Beware, political argumentativeness for the sake of argumentativeness ahead:

    In the immortal words of Xellos, “Oh, I get it… it’s okay for you to get Lina out here on a pretext, but it’s horrible if I did it first?”

    Surf the weblogs enough and you’ll find that there’s ample reason that I’m an irresponsibilitarian. You’ll find lots of fascinating stories demonizing both Republicans and Democrats. Conservatives have twenty million links to how Clinton manipulated the system to his own sick perverted will, and Liberals have the same number for Bush… in the end, it doesn’t even matter which ones are the truth or not, the meaning is lost in a whole heap of spitballing.

    What I find most surprising, though, is not that one side (in this example, the Bush administration), would use scare tactics and inhuman methods to further its grip on power, but that the other side (in this example, the Democrats, I suppose) can’t possibly fathom that their own people could and would do the very same thing if given the opportunity. That’s definitely why I’m an Irresponsibilitarian.

    Anywho, sorry to choose your comment to spout that particular meaningless rant, dear brother (hmm, unfortunate Kodachi tone to that last parenthetical…), but as you know my conservative friend’s weblog has no comments section, so I can’t balance the scales. Oh, and I figure you’ve been getting used to me being a public annoyance for 21 years, this sort of thing should roll off your back by now. 😉

  2. Arcane Gazebo

    Re: A pretext is a pretext.

    I’ll agree I was being unfair with the “family values” comment – I shouldn’t hold all Republicans responsible for the actions of two senior administration officials (who should immediately be fired and brought up on charges). I’m still a little irked that so many bought into the idea (pushed during the campaign) that Bush would bring integrity back to the White House, when we’ve seen so much behavior that’s slimy, deceptive, and even, as in this case, criminal.

    Of course I’m aware that there are criminal Democrats as well; I was happy to see Jim Traficant go behind bars, since guys like him don’t help our case any. I’m more likely to be vocal when Republicans do it, because they’re usually doing it to further policy goals with which I disagree, and so I’m naturally in opposition anyway.

    What I don’t buy into is the idea that all politicians are corrupt, that anyone “could and would do the very same thing if given the opportunity”. Call me an idealist, but I do think there are some good politicians out there on both sides of the aisle. Unfortunately they seem to die in plane crashes.

  3. El Testiculo

    Re: A pretext is a pretext.

    I’m not saying that there’s not an individual in politics who doesn’t act humanely… god knows that one of the by-laws of irresponsibilitarianism is that when we point fingers, we point them at groups, not individuals. We get less slander suits that way. So yes, I believe that there are politicians out there that deserve more credit than I’m giving them, and my implication was a bit harsh.

  4. El Testiculo

    Why didn’t JFK Jr. shower before getting on the plane?

    Because he figured he’d wash up on shore.

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