Recent inattentiveness

I was already kicking myself for missing Built To Spill’s three San Francisco shows last weekend, only remembering to check for tickets once they had all sold out. Then Saturday night I stopped by the lab to change some batteries, and I heard the sounds of a concert at UC Berkeley’s Greek Theater. I didn’t know there was a show tonight, I wonder who’s playing?. By the time I got to Birge Hall I was close enough to hear the music, and when the singer came on I thought he sounded familiar…
…a half second later I recognized the voice as Thom Yorke.
I managed to miss not only Built To Spill, but also Radiohead playing at my place of employment last weekend. I really need to watch the concert listings more closely…

5 thoughts on “Recent inattentiveness

  1. Mason

    I am not a fan of Radiohead, but I do like some of the (or at least a couple of the) collaborative songs Yorke has done with other artists. I’m thinking, in particular, of “I’ve seen it all.” (And without that song, we never would have seen the swan dress and the accompanying talk-show jokes.)

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