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I had been debating whether to fly out to Connecticut this summer to visit friends, and if I do so, whether to take some extra time to tour New York City. Fortunately the internet came to the rescue with a trio of relevant posts:

Needless to say, after reading these my decision was much easier…

6 thoughts on “Personal Advice from the Internet

  1. Mason

    I wholly support visiting old friends. Those visits constitute many of my best times!
    I ought to take a vacation at some point, although I find it impossible to get away from work. I suppose if I were in a lab and simply couldn’t do certain things while away, it would be one thing. However, I’m a major type A and am constantly stressing about the work I should be doing even when I’m not doing. Aside from academic conferences (which don’t count for such purposes), I haven’t taken a break longer than 2 days in over 2 years.

  2. Arcane Gazebo

    Mason: Yeah, it’s useful having a lab that I can be away from when I’m on vacation… of course there’s always data to process or papers to write, but when I’m away I can put that out of my mind.
    Phi: Yay! Except… we don’t overlap at all, since I fly out 7/28 and return 8/2. (You’re not going to Shellock’s barbecue?) Well, I should cross the San Mateo Bridge more often, it’s a lot easier than flying across the country. :)

  3. Mason

    Heh… I had the main fun parts of my weekend yesterday and Friday night. I’m watching the Dodger game now and then hoping I can finish up a recalcitrant calculation for a paper that’s been in the ‘about to be submitted stage’ somewhat longer than usual. (I want to get this out there asap, in part because I wan’t to show it to people for possible follow-ups.)

  4. shellock

    For NYC the intrepide is going into dry dock soon and closing for a indeternae amount of time. If you never went its worth a look see.

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