Why I love Berkeley

Sure, this is completely futile, but that’s part of the charm:

With overwhelming support from Berkeley residents, the Berkeley City Council unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday night to be the first jurisdiction in the United States to let the public vote for the President’s impeachment. The measure will appear on the Nov. 7 ballot, at a cost of about $10,000.
The measure alleges that the administration violated the Constitution with illegal domestic spying, justified the Iraq war with fraudulent claims and illegally tortured citizens. San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Cruz and dozens of other cities have already passed council resolutions urging impeachment but none has gone as far as Berkeley.

Critics may be right that this is not terribly productive, but it sure will be fun to punch “yes” on this in November. On the other hand, who knows how my vote will actually get recorded—we use Diebold touch-screen voting machines.

3 thoughts on “Why I love Berkeley

  1. Mason

    I heard about this.
    By the way, have you ever seen the Web video about voting for Bush versus not voting for Bush? It’s hilarious! (Among other things, the cursor moves away from the Kerry button after the briefest of pauses.) Any vote for Kerry is greeted with several ‘are you sure’ buttons, and then when the cursor accidently hits Bush just one time (after several minutes of attempting to vote for Kerry), the vote is cast for Bush and the voter is thanked for his vote for Bush.

  2. Arcane Gazebo

    Yeah, somebody sent me that video shortly before the relevant election. Funny, but didn’t help my confidence when I arrived at my polling location to see the Diebold machines. (Not that they would bother rigging the results in California…)

  3. Justin

    AG, I don’t know. I won’t feel safe about California elections until Bowen throws out McPherson in November. I used to think McPherson was one of those vanishingly rare (now nearly extinct) sane, reasonable Republicans. He was my state senator for a few years when I started at UCSC… But he’s the guy who certified Diebold machines in this state against all advice to the contrary (and reversing his own previous ruling, IIRC), so he’s gotta go.

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