The Bush Index guy returned from his hiatus, so I took the opportunity to make a few updates to the sidebar. (His Bush Index page is now almost illegible in Mozilla Firebird, at least in my configuration – all the numbers and upward trends are in a very light gray. He also seems to have inexplicably revised the 6/30 number; don’t know what that’s all about.)

Interesting to note that the 3.7 drop in the index is for polls reported prior to 7/16; many blogs are commenting today on further drops in the approval rating. I guess the American people don’t appreciate being lied to when American lives are at stake. It’ll be interesting to see the 7/31 numbers. (My co-worker Sven suggests that the Iranian government is watching this index very closely!)

I added two more political blogs to the list: The Note is ABC News’ very comprehensive daily review of politics news, and The Scrum is an anonymous blogger focusing on the 2004 election.

Also, my brother’s reports from Japan make a belated appearance on the “Friends and Family” list. (This should be longer, so let me know if you want your page there!)

I can’t remember if I commented on this before, but I added a menu for logged-in users on the front page sidebar that gives quick access to most of Inverse’s user features. This is mostly for my convenience, but I’m very proud of myself for setting it up despite my zero knowledge of perl. What I’d really like is a separate custom style for a sidebar that can be placed on every page. That way the design is fixed through (for example) the archive pages, and I don’t have to update the Bush Index in four separate styles. I may have to actually learn some perl to set this up, though. (Also, why don’t comment pages have a custom style? Something else to work on.)