Another way to wake up naturally

Lifehacker has yet another post with an elaborate way to get out of bed in the morning. When I moved in to my current apartment, this was a problem for me: my previous location got a lot of sunlight in the morning, but now I live in something more like a hobbit-hole. Waking up warm, comfortable, and in near-total darkness made it very tempting to just go back to sleep.
However, I have since discovered a reliable way to wake up naturally at about 7:30 every morning. The secret is to have an upstairs neighbor who owns a treadmill, and adheres to a strict workout regimen. The noise isn’t loud enough to wake me from deep sleep, but when I reach the end of my sleep cycle I reliably regain consciousness. Unfortunately, I rarely have any intention of waking up that early, which is why I keep earplugs by my bed.
It has occurred to me that instead of just going back to sleep, perhaps I should take this as a cue to go running myself. In the summer I prefer to go running in the evenings, but maybe after daylight savings time I’ll synchronize my workout schedule with my conscientious neighbor. (The real question is, how does he(?) get himself out of bed every morning? Especially to run on a treadmill, which is one of the most boring workouts in existence.)

7 thoughts on “Another way to wake up naturally

  1. Jolene

    Rube Goldberg device alarm clock! Okay, maybe that’s not so practical, and it might require owning a canary or something.
    My room is pretty dark in the mornings too. One idea is to buy a timer and have a bright lamp turn on at around the same time the alarm goes off. I’ve never done that, just an idea.
    But I used to motivate myself to get up and do problem sets on weekends by walking to Peet’s Coffee.

  2. Lanth

    Treadmills themselves are boring, but they’re easily combined with most forms of entertainment. I’ve been following the development of “treadmill desks”, where you stand and walk on a treadmill in front of your computer, instead of sitting. Supposedly surprisingly comfortable, and IKEA’s coming out with one soon.

  3. Arcane Gazebo

    Jolene: Light is key; I try to make myself turn on all the lights if I’m having trouble resisting the gravitational pull of the bed.
    Lanth: Those treadmill desks are actually pretty cool. If I were just looking to burn calories I’d be tempted to go that route. If one is running on the treadmill it’s less useful. Generally the only times I use a treadmill are as a substitute for running outside, if I’m training for a race and need a running workout but can’t hit the streets due to weather (or if I’m traveling and don’t know my way around). Fortunately inclement weather is not often a problem in Berkeley.
    The guy who lives above me also runs on the treadmill (rather than walking), but I don’t know why he wouldn’t just go running outside. The main reasons I like to run are that I can enjoy good weather and fresh air, get varied terrain and scenery, and have a minimal amount of equipment to worry about. But treadmill running doesn’t have any of those advantages.

  4. Josh

    The person above me teaches opera and piano. That’s always a fun one. Because it starts early and goes all day long.

  5. Wren

    Being hearing impaired and a sound sleeper, the issue of alarm clocks is always compelling. The best one I ever had was a nest of baby birds underneath my window one apartment ago. I used to lie there ar dawn, praying for “nature, red in tooth and claw” to occur.
    I make do these days with my CD player, which means I am continuously looking for new CDs where the first 5 seconds are loud and high-pitched–the neighbors complain if I go with the same CD for too long!
    Now I desperately want a Sfera:

  6. Mason

    In real life, I do indeed use track 1 on my CD, although thankfully I don’t need to set my alarm too often. For many moons, I have woken up to “A Pain That I’m Used To.”

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