Omen returns!

Longtime readers may have wondered what happened to Omen, the stray cat who would periodically vist my patio and appear on this blog on Fridays. I wondered this too, since he just stopped showing up sometime last year. It turns out he’s alive and well, and came by this evening looking for cat treats. I had to explain how I don’t keep them on hand if he doesn’t visit for an entire year.
Readers may also recall that I used to be Omen’s favorite platform game. It’s possible his real purpose in dropping by was to clear that level he never managed before. This time when he pounced I had learned my lesson—if I try to dodge he just deploys the claws. He landed gracefully on my left shoulder, and then decided to walk around to the right shoulder. Does he think he’s a parrot? Is there really a 1-up on my head? This would be kind of endearing if I weren’t actually allergic to Omen.
I didn’t get a picture since he was so jumpy, but maybe he’ll be back. His return does feel like, well, an omen…
(For new readers, the best Omen post ever was this one.)

6 thoughts on “Omen returns!

  1. Mason

    Wow, very cool!
    I agree the Omen post in question was awesome! I don’t remember the others so clearly at the moment, so I can’t say for sure whether I agree that it’s the best one.
    Also, maybe Omen came back to find the warp zone he missed the first time around?

  2. Jolene

    Good to hear that he’s back. :)
    Does this mean the return of Friday catblogging, if he stays in the neighborhood?

  3. Justin

    If Omen thinks you have something on your head, it’s only polite to put something there. Next time Omen visits put a cat treat on your head and keep it balanced until he does his jump. :-)
    Sounds like a pretty cool cat, even by cat standards. And he looks similar to Loki’s brother, too. If he really is a stray, why don’t you just take him in? Allergies, schmallergies…
    Oh, if you need a makeshift cat treat, try peanut butter. Loki _loves_ it! I think he prefers peanut butter to cat treats, actually. Buddha thinks it’s OK too, so this is not just a case of Loki being bizarre.

  4. Mason

    Hmmm… then Travis can revisit his rousing rendition of the Words of Loki. (I still think there should not have been any reference to high-viscosity liquids in that speech.)

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