More on the California recall. (I’m sure this issue is boring all my non-California readers to death.) Anyway, my suspicion has been that some large ego among the California Democrats will be the first to break ranks and declare candidacy, and once one Dem declares all the other aspiring governors follow. Slate’s Mickey Kaus agrees, and identifies the most likely of the egos: Arianna Huffington.

Here’s the scenario I forsee. Huffington gets her name on the ballot, and is followed by Dianne Feinstein, Cruz Bustamante, possibly Leon Panetta, and probably one or two others I’m not aware of. Meanwhile the Republicans field either Schwarzenegger or Riordan along with Issa, Simon, and maybe Kemp. On election day Davis is recalled by a 5%-10% margin. The Democratic vote is split more or less evenly among the various contenders, but on the Republican side whichever of Schwarzenegger or Riordan is running makes a stronger showing than the others. The replacement governor will be Schwarzenegger or Riordan with about 35% of the vote.

We’ll see if all those political science courses I took were worth anything…

2 thoughts on “addendum/recall

  1. Jeremiah Spur

    I didn’t realize Arianna the Insufferable was a Dem. This is a good thing, I think.

  2. Arcane Gazebo


    I wasn’t thinking specifically of her when I said I could vote for Riordan “depending on the options”, but she’s an excellent example of the sort of Democratic alternative I had in mind.

    Amusingly, Plastic reports that Michael Huffington is considering a run on the Republican side.

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