Pacific Film Yarrrchive

This was on BoingBoing about a week ago, but I didn’t see it then—the Pacific Film Archive at UC Berkeley is having a pirate film festival through September and October. Not pirated films, but films about piracy, mostly the arrr, matey! kind (the last installment is an exception). Inconveniently for me, the movies are being shown on Wednesday nights.

12 thoughts on “Pacific Film Yarrrchive

  1. Mason

    Clearly, the solution is to borrow a projector, rent some DVDs, invite a few friends to join in on the fun, and have your own PirateFest.

  2. Justin

    Nah, you have to do vikings before ninjas or cowboys. Don’t want to offend the Noodly Norsemen, you know! Some of those Icelandic sagas Steinn posts about sound pretty interesting, one hopes they’ve been made into movies somewhere by now.

  3. Mason

    By the way, when I was eating lunch yesterday, a Techer at the next table who obviously wasn’t an undergrad started humming The Ride (although he called it the “Flight” of the Valkyries. (I have already blocked out the context of the comment.) At this point, I experienced some involuntary shudders—basically, I am fine (and, in fact, enjoy the song) when I’m braced for it, but it doesn’t work so well when I’m not prepared (like that time in Paseo). It’s even better when I’m the one inflicting: Unfair for the inflictee but not for the inflictor. (I had to twist too many things around and intentionally misspell something but oh well…)

  4. Jolene

    The Pacific Symphony (Orange County) is doing the entire Ring cycle by Wagner in October. I wonder how many people will show up wearing horned helmets?

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