Berkeley Physicist wins Nobel

UCB cosmologist George Smoot won the Nobel Prize for Physics today, for his discovery of anisotropy in the cosmic microwave background. He shares the prize with John Mather of NASA Goddard. Here’s Berkeley’s press release, the Nobel press release, and the AP article.
UPDATE: This, of course, was the Science: It Works, Bitches measurement whose data appeared in xkcd.
UPDATE II: Other bloggers writing about the prize: Sean at Cosmic Variance, Chad at Uncertain Principles, Steinn at Dynamics of Cats, Stefan at Backreaction, Andrew Jaffe, Rob Knop at Galactic Interactions, Janet Stemwedel at Adventures in Ethics and Science (whose mother worked with COBE and shares some anecdotes).
Maybe I’ll try to get some pictures at the champagne reception later today…
UPDATE III: From the physics department reception, when Smoot is asked to make some remarks (this is paraphrased):
Smoot: I’ve been making statements all day… but now I can say what I’m really thinking, because there’s no press.
[Berkeley Chancellor] Birgeneau: There’s always press.
Smoot: Yeah, I’m worried about bloggers.
Wouldn’t want to disappoint… I did forget my camera, though.

One thought on “Berkeley Physicist wins Nobel

  1. Mason

    By the way, as George himself mentions, the ‘smoot’ metric at MIT was not named after him.
    Also, I got confused a bit this morning when I saw a blurb this morning about John Mather sharing a Nobel Prize. There’s a well-known mathematician by the same name, so I did a double-take for a second.

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