Between Stations [Open Thread]

Hmm, maybe I should have bought tickets to see one of Yo La Tengo’s shows this week as well, they’ve got three consecutive nights at the Fillmore. But that would give me no time to devote to Valkyrie Profile. Tonight I’ll see the Hold Steady, almost exactly a year after the last time I saw them.
TV on the Radio: Return to Cookie Mountain: This album has been widely hailed as a breakthrough record for TV on the Radio, a substantial leap over their previous work. Basically, I agree with all of that, so I can outsource my review to the various glowing pieces that have appeared in music publications. The opening track, “I Was A Lover” is a bit weak, but is followed by “Hours” which is the first of a number of awesome songs. My other favorites are “A Method”, “Dirtywhirl”, and especially “Wolf Like Me” on which David Bowie makes an appearance (listen here). One of the best CDs of the year. Their live show is also spectacular; they were my favorite act from Coachella this year. Rating: 4.5/5
Live: Ladytron with CSS at the Fillmore: CSS is a band I’d heard of but not actually heard before last night. They are from Brazil and are nearly an all-girl group, with a 1:5 male/female ratio. The music was competent dance rock with a synth and usually three guitars (sometimes two guitars and two basses). Their singer was very bouncy and jumped into the crowd several times, quite the opposite of Ladytron’s reserved demeanor. What I could make out of the lyrics sounded pretty amusing, as if Art Brut songs were rendered in broken English.
Ladytron started out with “High Rise”, a perfect opening song but performed somewhat anemically. They didn’t sound warmed up until they played “Evil” a couple songs later, but from there they were able to keep the energy level pretty high. When I saw them at Coachella the band members maintained an air of aloofness, but here they were a bit more relaxed and interactive, Helen Marnie even dancing around the stage during her singing parts. The bands I’ve seen at the Fillmore are always overwhelmed by the history and prestige of the venue, and Ladytron were clearly not immune to this.
The setlist was fairly straightforward, most of Witching Hour plus older singles. The only thing really out of left field was a cover of “Send Me A Postcard” by Shocking Blue, a perky song that one wouldn’t ordinarily associate with Ladytron, but they did include the original on their compilation CD Softcore Jukebox. “Soft Power” was a highlight: the band had a collection of lights on stage which might have been primarily intended for this song, red arc lights and warm yellow bulbs suggestive of candlelight. The combination of the eerie lighting and the strength of the musical performance really brought out the witching hour aspect of the song, making it feel like an incantation drawing out magical energies. “Beauty*2″ came close to this effect as well. They saved “Destroy Everything You Touch” for the very end and pulled out all the stops for a spectacular ending to a strong show. Rating: 4/5
Ladytron setlist below the fold:

High Rise
Cracked LCD
True Mathematics
He Took Her To A Movie
Soft Power
Blue Jeans
International Dateline
Fighting In Built Up Areas
Send Me A Postcard [Shocking Blue cover]
Last One Standing
Destroy Everything You Touch

4 thoughts on “Between Stations [Open Thread]

  1. Mason

    At least they played Beauty*2 this time. It’s too bad I wasn’t in a good spot for their Coachella performance. I was eagerly anticipating their performance, but I wasn’t really able to appreciate it at all.
    Maybe next time.
    My next concert: Pet Shop Boys in November!!!!!
    And as this is an open thread, I have an amusing anecdote to pass along:
    I was looking at an essay about the history of mathematics at Oxford. The first sentence reads as follows:
    “Long before Isaac Newton made Cambridge a world-famous centre for mathematics, mathematicians in Oxford were producing work of outstanding merit.”
    It seems like they might have a bit of a rivalry. :) I can just imagine the Oxford professors discussing those “upstarts” at Cambridge.

  2. Narrenschiff

    Mason: Just a teeny weeny little bit, aye. These long-standing frustrations find an outlet in the annual boat race, the corpus challenge, and many other sporting fixtures too numerous to mention – including one reputedly based on the cage fighting bit in that Mad Max film with Tina Turner in. S’god’s honest truth.

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