Protest Signs at Birge Hall

protest signs
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Both UCB Chancellor Birgeneau and and UC President Dynes are members of the physics department. This is perhaps good for departmental prestige but also draws protestors. Yesterday a rally for higher custodial wages made a stop at Birge Hall. (In fact, neither Dynes or Birgeneau are typically in the physics buildings–the only time I’ve seen Birgeneau in the department was the day Smoot won the Nobel.)
Not pictured: my office window, which is two windows to the right of the frame. I was down in the lab at the time, and missed it.

2 thoughts on “Protest Signs at Birge Hall

  1. Mason

    So, which is the building that Berkeley students sometimes take over during protests?
    How many times have people taken it over since you’ve been to Berkeley?
    Also, you might want to look up Berkeley mathematician Stephen Smale’s connection to some of these protests when he was still in residence. There was an interesting newspaper headline years ago about a Berkeley mathematician (Smale) “fleeing” to the USSR when he really just went there for a conference (or to visit a colleague)…

  2. Arcane Gazebo

    I guess Sproul Hall is the traditional takeover building? But since I’ve been here I can only remember Wheeler being taken over (during an Israel/Palestine protest I think).

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